Design a Badge!

If you could design a badge, what effects would it have? Applying status effects? Buffs that have tradeoffs? Something else entirely?

Here’s the current set of badges for reference.

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Medal of Dullahan: 1% chance the start of each turn to randomly kill 1 ally or enemy. :joy:

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Medal of Famine: Drain 4 mana from the enemy team at start of battle. Buh bye empowered cancer meta :wink:


Medal of Underworld: The lowest faction’s treasure hoard is increased by 1 after a successful battle.


Badge/Medal of Divinia: Grant (1/2) random status effect(s) to a random ally at the start of battle. (Unstackable)

Badge/Medal of Undine: 10%/25% chance to submerge a random ally at the start of your turn. (Unstackable)

Badge/Medal of TINA: Add 10%/20% of armor to skull damage. (Unstackable)

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Badge/Medal of Magnus: any time a troops benefits from Badge/Medal of Cedric it gets [insert percentage/insert amount] of stat points eliminated.

Badge/medal of Elspeth: 25-50% chance to get a free extra turn regardless if matching 4/5’s.

Badge/medal of the North: 10-40% chance to freeze each enemy at the start of your turn.

Badge/medal of Gumbo : 5-10% chance to devour a random enemy at the start of your turn.

Badge/medal of Mongo: glitch the opponent’s badges/medals so that they have half/zero effect.

I see this as a means of fixing this strategy ruining game “upgrade”.

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Super medal of cedric - 90% chance to cleanse myself when when turn begins also comes with thickhead so it can’t be stunned.


Badge/medal of Apocalypse : applies ALL status effects to both enemy and own troops each turn, regardless of invulnerable traits (applies curse, bleed, stun, burn, feeeze, silence, entangle, web, poison and disease, for the badge; +death mark for the medal).

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Medal of Cedric: 80% chance to automatically win the match. Oh wait, it already exists.

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I like this basic premise, but I would rather the Badge of Magnus inflict a random negative status effect for every one a Cedric Medal cleanses.

Really the sky is the limit here. Any general use effect that can be applied to all troops is on the table, and with cedrics setting the “midpoint” bar in terms of effectiveness, a lot of my suggestions actually seem underpowered, but offer counterplay to things that don’t really have solid ways to counterplay right now and maybe force some tough choices that I’m not really seeing with this starting badge set, especially with cedrics being overwhelmingly more that the “more common” types of medals.

Stuff that needs to trigger in the battle will probably have to be handled differently than stuff that can be added before the battle starts.

We could use it for-

Invalidating even more PvP strategies:
Ultra-Rare: Badge/Medal of Balance: 10%(40%) chance to dispel all enemies when I cast a spell. If we are getting rid of status effects in PvP, might as well go all out. Note: not “when my turn begins” because as a trait on everyone, then it would trigger a bit too much.

Resource gains:
Epic: Badge/Medal of Cedric The Vault: 25%(100%) bonus gold in battle (considered one time independently before battle is even entered, divide by 4 if it has to be done as a trait)

Legendary: Badge/Medal of Pharos Ra: 25%(100%) bonus souls in battle (considered one time independently before battle is even entered, divide by 4 if it has to be done as a trait)

Common: Badge/Medal of Invention: 25%(100%) chance to gain 2 armor on 4 or 5 gem matches (as trait)

Rare: Badge/Medal of Magnitude: 25%(100%) chance to gain 2 life on 4 or 5 gem matches (as trait)

Epic: Badge/Medal of Ferocity: 50% chance to gain 1 attack (100% chance to gain 2 attack) when skulls are matched (as trait)

Mythic: Badge/Medal of Arcana: 25%(100%) chance to gain 1 magic when an ally casts a spell (acts as a trait)

Countering other annoying “mechanics”:
Legendary: Badge/Medal or Trueform: 25%(100%) chance to not be affected by forced transform effects

Mythic: Badge/Medal of Mettle: 5%(20%) chance to resist lethal damage (possibly higher rate but with a boss-zuul exception)

Ultra-Rare: Badge/Medal of the Steadfast: 25%(100%) chance to not be affected by forced team slot movement effects
(this seriously needs some better proactive counterplay somewhere in the game, the reactive counterplay is pretty much non existent)

With only three slots and cedrics being so useful (and common), my hope is that at least some tough choices would be forced.

NOTE: In actuality, I’m expecting us to maintain the medal set we have forever, because of their rigid nature where their rarity affects how they are used for the elite level system and with how they have decided to distribute them presents a problem if they pollute the drop pool. Best case, if any new badges/medals go live ever, it should be done with the caveat that there is some way to exchange within the same rarity in soulforge, so that effective drop rates don’t get any worse than they are. Exchanging for different rarities would be another matter, as it would technically improve things from where they are now which can be discussed later, but we definitely we just don’t want them worse. This would be a good way to burn off some excess traitstones, since we get even more of them than we need at endgame now that we are being forced back into explore to get the badges in the first place.

By the way…

Just in case this suggestion is taken seriously -
Due to how things work: If you were to versus a PvP opponent where you both have this and at least one empowered or mana granting troop, they have 0 mana then your traits trigger to give your mana and your medals trigger while they still have 0 mana, draining nothing, then their empowered triggers and puts them at full mana while their medals trigger also draining 4 mana from each of your troops for each of their troops, putting all your troops at 0 mana. So yeah, it’d mean no more empowered meta or mana granting traits in PvP/GW… on the attacking side.

If you wanted to counter-empowered defenses, you’d want something like “stun a random enemy at the start of battle”, then even one medal would have about a 70% chance of landing on their empowered. And then also invalidate cedrics medals. Except, of course, stuff like Gimlet, which I’m going to maintain is a really silly interaction.


how about a medal that gives maws old devour chance on skull hit back?i miss it haha

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Badge/Medal of Echo: 1%/5% chance to cast again immediately (mana not required) when casting a spell. Not stackable.

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Badge/Medal of Tokens: 50%/100% increase in tokens gained. Not stackable.


A medal with a gold bonus
A medal with +1 trophy bonus

Badge/Medal of Ra: …% to get extra Souls every Match.

Badge/Medal of Coin: …% to get extra Gold every Match.

Badge/Medal of Experience: …% to get extra Exp. every Match.


Badge/Medal of Augmentation: +50%/+100% bonus to other equipped badges