[Not a bug] Luther tricked me again! Cannot uneqip my current badge on the screen

There was another forced Luther’s (training) tutorial, forcing me to equip a medal or badge of Cedric.

However, I want the currently equipped badge unequipped, but there’s no option to do so.

I don’t think there is a way to unequip a badge, but I can’t think of any reason why you’d ever choose to do so.

You can’t unequip them. They never explained why they made that design choice.

Unbelievable! What if I want to test something when I am writting a bug report?
This will complicate things. The update 4.7 should have the option None available!


I hope that you will either add the option to reset all of your equipped badges or just the None option.

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Who would ever unequip a medal anyway? Even if it’s just a basic +2 armour it’s still better than not having it.


I noticed this as well, I want to unequip mine as well.

Why did you want to unequip a medal?

This is working as intended, there’s no reason to unequip a badge/medal.
If you suspect a bug we can test it in house.

I don’t want to play with Badges or Medals.
I want the Challenge I will be able to design or go against on my own choosing.

What if you only drink coffee without milk, but from now on you’re forced to have it with milk?
This is the same issue but from the gameplay perspective.

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Inside their (Devs) mind : WHO CARES :roll_eyes:
In forum: it’s working as intended
Game is being designed around for the Devs that don’t even play the game instead of the players the real investors.
I challenge anyone that thinks that this game would last another year or two (on consoles) just like Defiance and Defiance 2050.
Just :eyes:

There are more badges then slots though and I would like to try different combinations.

There’s no reason for devs to care about this.

If you want to use badges on troops, you can, and they’re removed from your active badges. It works perfectly.

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I haven’t equipped any medal or badges yet, and now I am happy I haven’t. I’ll def think hard about the combos I want…not to mention if you beat a team that has badges without using any yourself you get a ton of gold. I think I’ll stay badgeless for awhile and see if anything changes.

You totally right. M just a spectator waiting to witnesses the downfall @ th moment :no_mouth: