Demon Within II

Hi Gems of War players. Demon Within II now active and recruiting.

I go by the name Odin and now that I am a higher level and more experienced I am attempting to start a guild from scratch.

I am level 129 and play regularly. In my last guild I was the top contributor of gold and in total donated over 500000 towards tasks. I am looking for active players that are willing to contribute both gold and trophies.

Any questions feel free to ask.

Well a few people have joined but as usual don’t seem to contribute. Not sure why but seems very hard to find active players.

The PS4 section seems dead on this forum and makes recruiting an even more daunting task.

Would it be possible to update the guild recruitment system so invites can be sent out to unaligned players? This would make starting a guild a lot easier.

Well been a good while since I posted here!

Since the last time I was on here the guild is now rank 848 in the league table and this has been achieved with just 2 active members! I alone have contributed over 1, 000, 000 gold to tasks.

Still looking for regular PS4 Gems of War players of any level. All I ask is that you contribute with trophies and/or gold.