Demon Within Guild Recruitment


Hi Fellow Players,

I go by the name Odin and am currently level 64. I am starting my own guild called “Demon Within” and I am looking for active members. By this I mean members who are willing to contribute trophies and/or gold. If you are willing to commit to the guild, any level is welcome.

I have been in a guild where only myself and the guild master contributed and do not really want a repeat of this with my own guild. So unfortunately I must be strict when it comes to inactive members.

It sounds harsh but if anyone is interested please feel free to join.

Together we can all prosper!


Just to check but do PS4 users use this site? Just most of the active threads seem to be PC users.


Yes they do, don’t worry :smile:
Good luck with your guild :smile:


Good to know and thank you. Not much luck so far however :frowning: