New Guild Recruiting

Hi everyone,

This is Lord Roy Ruth Of The Ruthless Warriors I just Created this guild and am recruiting anyone above level 30 at this time Exception of my wife (she is level 1 lol for now) I plan on this being a active and fun guild where we can have fun, support and chat with each other while playing if this sounds like something you would like to join please join us and become come part of Ruthless Warriors

Lord Roy Ruth Sr.

Hello Roy Ruth. My wife just got me a PS4 for our anniversary. I’ve been playing Marvel Puzzle Quest for the past 2 years and added GoW on my system this afternoon. I’m up to level 12 but I know early levels go quick.

I anticipate being active in the game and there wasn’t much in the way of organizing Guilds on the PS4 that I could find. Have you had much success organizing one?

I will once I get members

I feel the guild forms and we can form a base family and start communicating and working as a team thats when things will fall into place also Chatting togather with Mics in the groups will help forge our community

The alliance I am part of in MPQ uses the Line app to coordinate.

Cool If i could get people to join my clan i will probably use the play station app since its free and you can use it just the same as you would Line i think

We are still recruiting please Join us look for Ruthless Warriors

I disbanded this guild since no one was joining and it seemed useless in trying to bother to work on it since the PS4 community refuses to communicate

I was the same. Tried to start a guild called Demon Within but no interest in game or on this forum.

Disbanded now and joined an established top ranked guild. Sadly seems to be the only way on PS4 unless you have an established friends list of active players with no guild.