Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!


You are more patient than me, i gave up after lv 200


The extra 100 renown simply isn’t worth it. Save yourself the aggrivation and just take every delve to 2200 is my advice for everyone.


But… extra stats from Legendary pet…?

Yeah, some Factions don’t even need a Legendary pet, as you won’t use the full 4 unique troops team to get stats anyway, like in Crypt Keeper. My Faction team is even still stuck at 100 there. :sweat_smile:

I’m still not sure about Sea of Sorrow yet. 3x Legendary seems to work quite well just like there, in early level. But judging from TheIdleOne’s experience at Level 300, maybe it really is better to aim for just 2,200 renown points here.


I could just be bad. I’m getting screwed over by what feels like everything, since this faction is a slow ass team with no fast way to target down a single target major threat.

Edit: So not only is it a pain to get to the boss room, if the boss room wants you to lose, you have absolutely 0 chance to win. Its absurd.

Edit 2: Adding more treasure hoard isn’t saving me from Rock Worms.

Edit 3: Sometimes, I think this game is really terrible. Gee wiz random room generator, if I’m getting looped to death from Rock Worms game after game, the least you can do is stop spawning the stupid room after every single effing match.

Edit 4: Right, I should have known. So from Hoard 100, the +9 magic scales in conjunction to the relative HP of Delve 200. In Delve 300, the HP skyrockets up, but upgrading the hoard doesn’t scale the magic boost enough to catch up. Spell casting without scaling is complete jank, which is basically the legendary troop. Crypt Keeper’s Morana had instant kills, All Seeing Eye has the leech which isn’t spell casting to win, and Hall of Guardian has the Ethereal Sentry and/or the Gargoyle. So… I have my hoard up to Hoard level 141 to test to see if Delve 300 of all bloody things will be easier. The answer is no, it hasn’t gotten any better since Hoard level 100. The magic gain from 100 to 141 is +3 (from 100 to 133. Next magic is at Hoard 144 lol).

Edit 5: I gave up:

Epic Dwarf room was impossible (for me).
Epic Kruarg/Cockatrice/Rock Worm room was impossible (for me).
Epic Viper room destroyed me very often (yet I haven’t seen it in like 10 tries)
Ultra Rare Rock Troll/Rock Worm room is extremely difficult.
Ultra Rare Cyclops room was impossible for me.

Ultra Rare Glitterclaw was very annoying and that was probably one of the easier 2nd rooms.
Epic Baby Dragons would have been nice, but they didn’t show up in god knows how long. By the time I was about to post this, this showed up … right after a Cyclops room. Sigh.
Epic Bulette was ok, it just stopped showing up for me.


Exaxtly if at least the 2 hitter could hit the same target. But no of course they had to put a stupid random target

Edti: even of you use multiple legendary he is so weak you need to cast him 4-5x


I’m at Delve Level 180 in Sea of Sorrow now. Still pushing with my Tesla team, as it worked well enough. Although, I can’t seem to keep all troops alive, must be that Enrage in Boss room.

Megavore is fun though. I rarely have to fight with The Deep King himself, as he is off to somewhere before his Mershark minion get to have a turn. :rofl:

There is even one match where there is only Megavore and Hammerclaw left. My Megavore is barely alive with 80+ life left, while their Hammerclaw keep buffing itself to 500+ life and 100+ attack. I fully expected to lose, then insta-kill from 4/5 match happened. lol

Also, why would I even think about playing Faction team challenge in All Seeing Eye at Level 300, when it’s Darkstone week? T^T


Some people will argue against this, but I strongly believe that Treasure hoards in its current state is very poorly done. I believe the system should be made more lenient by having donated treasure not cost gold, and should also allow players to pay gold to upgrade the Treasure hoard without treasure as a substitute.

  1. Treasures are already difficult to obtain a high amount to satisfy higher level hoard levels. (200 hoard onwards). With treasures being so rare, gold costs shouldn’t be there to discourage spending treasure as replacing both the treasure and the gold is more hassle than its worth.

  2. Time spent on delves is time not spent farming gold, which already acts as a gold sink. Double dipping on costing gold to donate treasure isn’t necessary.

  3. The frequency of new factions means that draining high amounts of resources isn’t necessary. Currently, 1 faction takes more resources than most players can handle. Then apply this to every single faction that releases. Its overkill.

  4. The incentive isn’t there to actually progress to require the hoard. Right now, farming floor level 20 for quick battles and the same rewards as a late floor is much more enticing and doesn’t require hoard investment to do well. There’s a very small population of players that actually play to level up a faction and yet there’s no incentive to deal with maxing a faction since the pet reward isn’t worth the hassle of dealing with some of the nightmarish challenges involved with the faction only team challenge. The gold cost really doesn’t help with that cause.

I’m probably missing other reasons as well…


I got all four factions to 100 (from 0 and three 80-somethings) just for the renown. I can’t imagine the stats are going to make a particularly big difference later on, particularly in cases where I will have to use gimmicky things like Dragon’s Eye or Tesla. Which is, so far, seemingly all of them.


@TheIdleOne What faction troops/order are you using? I’m getting roughed up even at 200.


Very well stated points, @TheIdleOne.

My thought on the matter is not that the treasure horde system is poorly done, but rather that as of the 4.0 update is intentionally incomplete.

Think of this as similar to reading a novel. In the current 4.0 implementation, the story is still in the prologue chapter. Delves in 4.0 are a stress test regarding the foundations of the delving system as the core progression mechanic for the next two years. A proof-of-concept, in other words. So, for the last two months, players have conveniently pointed out all the holes, flaws, and exploits in the system, so that they can be patched up in 4.1 (and beyond if needed).

When the devs are confident that the delving system is airtight and that players can’t manipulate their way to total victory outside raising hoards to extreme levels, then the rest of the system will be released. That will be the “incentive” to pour tens of millons of gold into each faction as well as incredible amounts of time acquiring ludicrous amounts of treasure.

What that incentive is, I don’t know. It would have to be be the next entire tier of power creep above and beyond anything in the game to warrant that kind of extreme end-game investment. A few random stat points and ingots isn’t going to cut it.

Hrmm… I just had a thought as I am typing this out. Going into complete tinfoil hat territory now…

Two possibilities come to mind, both would require a perfect 2500 faction ration to unlock.

Factions and Kingdoms are linked, right? Maxing out a faction should unlock some kind of Kingdom “ultra” bonus. That could take the form of a ultra-powerful 2nd Mythic (or better?) per kingdom, or an ultra-powerful Dawnbringer-like (or better?) weapon for each kingdom?. Given the crazy levels of investment needed to reach a perfect 2500 faction, that could allow players to “specialize” their hero in a specific kingdom of their choice by unlocking a special troop/weapon for that kingdom.

Anyone’s guess though. It will be interesting to see if 4.1 reveals anything regards the future of delving and long-term rewards, or if that will be kept close to the devs’ vests for at least another quarterly patch.


Hammerclaw, Sea Witch, The Deep King, The Deep King (Frozen Banner)


I’m not certain about that. Raid, Invasion, and Class Events have convinced me little will be changed in any game mode once implemented. With the focus on Tower of Doom and guild changes, I don’t know if Delves will recieve any overhaul any time soon, if ever. Most of the mode works, even if I’m starting to hate the AI teams more and more (Rock Worms hitting over and over, really?)

If I could ever implement any change, I’d also want some kind of room changer. Losing 10+ sigils because every RNG attempt was an effing Rock Worm room left me sour on the whole experience. I’m not even trying to get the easiest room each time, I’m just sick of seeing the same room that killed me over and over and over and over and over. If I’m losing to the same room 2-3 times, it really should be giving me a different room. Pay to lose? yay…


Really weird, for me the worm aren’t the problem im having difficulty with bulette and the dwarves team


More of the Sea of Sorrow faction team vs Rock Worms. I can’t get to the Rock Worms fast enough to save my troops. Other problem teams/troops as well, but between the ultra rare room multiple times in a row and the epic room with them, I couldn’t escape it.


I joined the 500 club. :sunglasses:

Too late?


Yep. I was trying Faction team in Sea of Sorrow at Level 200. Failing all 3 times…

When Rocky Cavern was not chosen in Ultra-Rare room, I got Epic Worm Tunnels next anyway. Why do Rock Worm have to be in both rarity? T^T

The best I could do is get to the boss room with only one troops left, twice. How could winning Level 300 even possible?


I don’t know. I think the easiest Ultra-Rare room is the Night Hag or the Bogstrider room and the easiest epic team is the Baby Dragon for the Sea of Sorrow faction team.

If you can get through it to the boss room, then its just a matter of not missing horribly with Sea Witch. Basically, lady luck.

Bumping up my hoard from 100 to 141 did absolutely nothing. In fact, I had a harder time after I leveled my hoard up. (for what its worth, I kept my epics, legendary, and mythic treasures in tact)

I also managed to get to the boss room on Delve 400 with the faction team on my 1 try. (for testing and giggles) , but lol, chopping that boss room’s HP/Armor count is like chopping a tree down. Then I missed a Sea Witch cast.

Delve 500 stats:

Hammerclaw: 498 Armor, 491 Life, 256 Atk, 131 Magic (Gain 132 Life)
Mershark: 487 Armor, 500 Life, 244 Atk, 127 Magic (Deal 129 True splash damage)
Sea Witch: 491 Armor, 504 Life, 129 Magic (Give 130 Life to an ally)
The Deep King: 497 Armor, 503 Life, 259 Atk, 131 Magic (Deal 133 True splash damage)

um… … Its worse than it looks? (when it comes to Faction vs Faction)


No joke i was stuck with 3 troop vs sea witch and she was refilling herself healing and enrage and she managed to kill my 3 troops with lucky skulls during cascade lol


Well damn. That’s the team I finally settled on, and they’re still getting waxed.


Question: If I intend to keep SoS at Lv 20 for farming, can I defeat the boss in the event on my last sigil?