Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!


Just a @noob said you can wait for some time to get better benefits from using a faction team at higher levels. Everytime you fail at the boss you lose a lot of resources from the benefits of extra chest upgrades from Hoard Quality at each run. So consider this carefully from now on. :slightly_smiling_face:


While that’s true, but if you can’t beat it at Level 200, how could it even be possible to do it at Level 300, with much higher stats?

Most of the time, Boss room use almost the weakest team position, so it’s possible to beat it with a better one.

For All Seeing Eye, it’s Ocularen Leech/Xerodar/Ocularen/Watch Mother. Keep stealing stats, then spam skulls with Xerodar, with can also easily inflict Deathmark in that position. Ocularen will help creating more Green gems, while Watch Mother can heal and bring back-up Ocularen Leech.

I did it with just Hoard Level 100 at Delve Level 200, and it’s pretty manageable.


Wait until you raise your hoard sufficiently? Even if you beat level 200 after multiple tries you basically wasted your time/sigils for very few renowns


200 is the last easy level, with the right team, it shouldn’t take more than 5 tries. And 100 more renown is quite a lot.

While it’s true that lose Delve is a waste of sigils and Delve Chest rewards, it’s not a lot compared to wasting Treasure and Gold to go past Hoard Level 100. I still think that should only become an option once Faction team at Level 500 become too hard.

At 300, it take both plan and luck, so if you don’t have a plan from Level 200, it’s pretty much impossible.


Wait until you raise your hoard sufficiently? Even if you beat level 200 after multiple tries you basically wasted your time/sigils for very few renowns

FWIW wasting time doesn’t really bother me. The game is a waste of time to begin with. That’s just wasting the wasted time, which I’m good with.

I’m not leaderboard chasing or trying to play ‘optimally’ by any stretch, so whether it takes 3 tries or 300 tries, it’s fine.

Most of the time, Boss room use almost the weakest team position, so it’s possible to beat it with a better one. For All Seeing Eye, it’s Ocularen Leech/Xerodar/Ocularen/Watch Mother.

Thanks, I’ll give it a shot in that order.


I prefer Ocularen Leech, Ocularen, Xerodar, Watch Mother.

Ocularen can be resummoned, Xerodar can’t. Ocularen can help refill Ocularen Leech to keep stealing more stats. Xerodar is a bit more luck based in having an alignment show up, so once it’s full (from Ocularen Leech most likely), you might end up sitting on it for awhile. Even if you do have a Xerodar alignment, you have to be ready for Ocularen Leech to take some hits back.


I was thinking about the Hall of Guardians team (Great Maw, Alchemist, Dawnbringer, Wrath) and wondered how to make it work at the higher levels due to the fact Great Maw gets one shot at the later levels (Next step up is 300 and I am trying the faction team so I can get the legendary pet…)

I wonder… would it be a good idea to go with Great Maw, Alchemist, Sylvanmore and Wrath? Sure you lose the protection of Dawnbringer but the entangle on every 4 or 5 match makes the first and last room more manageable (Looking at you Gargoyle!) but it still leaves the problem of the middle room.


So, has anyone actually beaten lvl 500 with a faction team? With my hoard lvl under 90 it seems totally impossible. It would be nice if hero weapons could bypass the restriction, since we don’t have classes associated with factions yet. Having all the weapons to choose from would be a big help.


Thought the same at first, but with stuff like Dragon’s Eye around they could get rid of the faction team aspect altogether then.


You make a good point, but then again why even have that challenge, if you have to pray to RNGesus for the tiniest of chances to make it? :man_shrugging:


Yeah it is problematic in how the challenge varies between factions due to its nature.
Aside from making Hoard Levels matter more by increasing the stats it gives to close the gap, especiallly the offensive ones, i don’t have an answer for it. They should also make levelling Hoards in the high regions a bit more reasonable.


Update, took me two tries but I got through it.

The first run I ran into Rock Worm room, which systematicallly killed off Watch Mother, which left me short for the last room. Second room went off without a (notable) hitch. Last room still took some effort but it was more efficient.

I’ll try Idle One’s alignment next run at it, probably at 250.


I was thinking of that as well, but decided against it. Dawnbringer is not only for protection from skull, it’s also from spells as well, for all your troops, which is something Sylvanimora can’t give.

That’s why it’s better to just use Archer-Dawnbringer with Entangle-first-turn talent. It will give you enough time to get Maw going, and after that, skulls is not a problem anymore, but enemies’s spell can still be troublesome, even with Dawnbringer’s protection.

This team is pretty tight, as losing one troop can be your doom. Game will be much slower without Maw or Wrath, but without Alchemist or Dawnbringer, you almost have no chance to recover.

Congrats, GrumpySmurf! :grinning:

Although, I recommend skipping 250 and go straight to 300. They’re both as hard, but possible with some luck, and you shouldn’t waste your luck on 250.

TheIdleOne’s team suggestion is also great, you just don’t get to use Xerodar’s Deathmark-first-troop-when-damaged as often, but it’s more safe that way. Good luck!


Yeah… that’s the problem with using Sylvanimora, you can’t protect your other team members from spells like the Gargoyle’s one shot barrage. Even with the entangle on Archer, getting an unfortunate drop at the start could lead to Maw being silenced at the boss fight which has happened too much for me… Was thinking about it for even for All-Seeing Eye when I go to it. Currently at Faction Team 300 run… not looking forward to it.


Sky-drop skulls can be deadly whoever match it. Silenced Maw is so risky, as it extent the the time before you devour their Gargoyle.

But Dawnbringer can keep everyone protected for a long while. I even have one match where Maw is silenced the whole time until only Arcane Golem is left.

So, Dawnbringer’s main role is just creating barriers, not doing damage. The main damage come from looping Alchemist and Wrath with each other, only using Dawnbringer once some barriers are gone. Enraged Maw make boss room’s skull-resistance trait pretty much useless.


I’ve been slacking I know. I finally hit 2000 with my first faction.



Anybody won lvl 300 with the Faction’s Team in All-Seeing Eye?
What level of hoard did you have? How many attempts did it take?


Did All-Seeing 300 with hoard 100 on the first try. Maybe was a little lucky, but not very lucky. Summoning with Watch Mother helped a lot.

Tried 400 once and failed. Decided to wait until 500 to try again, since I expect to eventually get lucky summons and make it.

Now trying delve level 300 in Hall of Guardians, about 3 or 4 tries so far. Sometimes don’t even make it to the boss room.


Hall of Guardians is horrible for the all faction team at 300. Anything with rock or ice worms is immediately out, Guarded Chamber is out due to it’s after effect, Viper room is a mess, dwarf room just sucks in general… honestly, almost all epic rooms suck. Only dragon hatchery seems to be the easiest of the lot and even then, that could be troublesome if the baby dragons become something strong.


Honestly they should just get rid of the faction team part of reknown as long as you can’t directly target a delve level below your current progression. Faction team delving potential varying so vastly between the factions is bad enough to begin with, locking yourself out of beatable stages of a particular delve by progressing just kills the concept imho.
Faction events are also not a satisfying solution, aside from the growing pool of factions increasing the time for a certain faction to show up in that event in the future, having to spend a really big chunk of gems and many hours on a work day won’t work for many people.
Either make delve levels targetable or get rid of it.