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Final Multiplier Possibilities

Faction Min Median Max
ASE 3.3 3.5 3.9
HOG 3.65 3.8 3.95
CK 3.45 3.7 4.1

(based on doing all rooms in that factions’ delve)

I picked CK because it had the highest max multiplier possibility.


Thank for that info. 2 questions. Is that based on doing highest multiplier room first? Do you have an average chest lv for each faction?


The min calculations considers the min multiplier possible per rarity for the specific faction. For example, ASE only has two common rooms. One of those rooms is the faction intro room that will always have the multiplier 1.1. So, you only have one common room that can change multiplier. So, for the min consideration, that multiplier is 1.1 because that is the lowest multiplier for any common room. However, for the max consideration, I use 1.15 for that room since there is one lucky chance of having that max value. So on and so forth for the other room amounts and rarities.

I didn’t calculate it.


Just get to Level 400 at Hall of Guardian today. Look at that neat number! :laughing:

I’m gonna try Faction team for a few days, then move on to Level 500. If I success, I would get more pets, and more armors (to turn in to attack) without increasing Hoard level, which might make the match a little bit easier.

So far, only get to tried it once. First and middle room should be managable if luck is on my side, not sure about boss rooms yet.

Also, I have came to the conclusion now that Archer class is the best choice for my Maw team, as you get both half-mana start and entangle-first-troop at the start. It’s frustrating how much sky-drop skull can happened and randomly kill my Maw in one hit. Entangle would give me a few turns to charge up and devore before dead-by-cascade.

While Bard and Frostmage give nice magic boost to Dawnbringer, its damage hardly do anything at this point. I just use it for mass barriers/safely blanket.


Yeah… The problem with the team you use is the fact that if you get a bad starting board or unfortunate drops, Maw will be slaughtered before you can get him active. The boss room is even worse as Maw can be silenced if you take a skull, whether on purpose or accident and there is no easy way to cleanse it. If you don’t take the skull, Maw could easily be killed but good to see you found a way to try and counter it.


Thnx for this awesome build. I stuck since some days on level 440 in ASE. Today i tried eye/apo/weaver/sylv, and it was unbelievable easy going. Made it without loosing a troop all rooms.


Nope! Already give up!! :rofl:

Waiting for the middle Epic room to be Dragon Hatchery is not a trick now, it’s a necessity. They is no way my low-stat troop would beat other rooms without a casualty, even with an absurd amount of luck.

The best run I have today is with Viper’s Nest room. Pass first room with no troop lose, but Charming on attack-buff Silent Sentinel cause my Ethereal Sentry to be killed. So I’m forced to fight the boss room like this, with no chance to win as can’t buff attack anymore.

Waiting for Dragon Hatchery to randomly appear might take too much time, so I’m gonna move on now, and try it for one last time at Level 500! :grinning:


Are you going to upgrade your Treasure Hoard at 500?

You don’t need Faction Team at 400 anyways, since it would just give you 6 pets to go from Legendary to Legendary - no benefit.


Gonna try at 100 first. If it’s that bad, I might go a bit higher. Gonna wait until new Faction release anyway though, so I can calculate how to use Treasures wisely.

I didn’t count which Rarity my pet will be at Level 500, so it’s already enough for Legendary? Thanks for the info! It will be 5 × 2.75 = 13.75, so +14 life and armor then? Awesome! ^^


I deleted my post because I am bad at math. You need to hit Renown (edit:) level 300 with the faction team for a legendary pet.


This data is more interesting than I thought!

While beating Delve Level 200 is great for Renown points/rewards, Delve Level 300 is very beneficial for maxing the Faction, as it’s the lowest point to get Legendary pet. (Mythic Pet is not available until after you completed it, not even at Level 490). It should be a standard for all Factions if it’s possible

Unless… for some Factions that doesn’t need a full Faction team to win, like at Crypt Keeper, the best team is 4x Lady Morana, so you get no bonus stats from Faction’s pet anyway.

I’m gonna try do Faction team at Level 300 in All Seeing Eye and upcoming Faction next!


Why 4 Lady Morana’s for Crypt Keeper? Not even a Grave Seer? I get Morana’s instant kill chance but seriously?


Yes, as one less Lady Morana = one less insta-kill and skull-tank. In my theory, you only need one lucky insta-kill cast on Spectral Knight anyway (two on boss room at their Morana), the rest is just a skull duel waiting for another insta-kill to happen.

Not sure how it will do at middle Epic Room though, but most team do have 1 or 2 weak points.


Nice :slight_smile:

I may switch to that team for ASE myself. Earlier I said that in HoG, Sylvanimora can’t kill baby dragons late in each delve. So I chose Hyndla instead of weaver for ASE. But ASE has different and fewer rooms, and there I’m usually finding the baby dragon easy to kill with one Syl cast.

My dragon eye / deep borer / hyndla / sylvanimora team is still going strong in early 300s and it’s a fun team, but after I lose my first troop I’ll probably try apothecary and weaver.


You’ll want the Grave Seer for purple gems in the Epic Room, or you’re not really going to get

Also, at Delve 500, any cast hurts. Baby Dragons was my least favorite room.


I thought that Grave Seer only create more Purple gem, a color that Lady Morana doesn’t use, just a modifier for her insta-kill, which highly depended on RNG. But…

I completely forget that Grave Seer is empowered , so lucky board for AI will instantly change up their Spectral Knight on first turn. That’s why you try to leveling up your Hoard to survive his first cast, right?

Yeah, you’re right. Having your own Grave Seer to delaying their Spectral Knight’s cast might be better than 4x Lady Morana.

About today’s first Tuesday Faction Event at Crypt Keeper, it follows the same rules as any 9-room Factions, in that it’s possible to finish the event: 22,000 points, without spending a single gem!! (If you got 3 Valravens)




Bulette room is basically “Leave the delve” at the higher levels due to the dragging and high damage output of them being far too much to ignore at that point.


By the way, does anybody know what’s the point of treasure room in Crypt Keepers occasionally giving player Warded at the beginning of the battle if there are no enemy troops using deathmark in other rooms?
The only one I’ve happened to see is, sometimes, Wraith in the treasure room itself. Never anything outside.


The rooms other than the intro and boss are auto-generated.

Also, it gives your team warded that lasts for the rest of the delve not just that one room.