Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!


All seeing eye is imo the hardest to achieve (faction troop only) at lv 500

The healer + summon and the exploder + drop att are just too crazy


I’m not sure. Gargoyle just hits really really hard thanks to the attack boost ratio. Hard to overcome that.


Crypt Keepers is just a gamble when using the faction team since you need Lady Morana to insta kill but almost every single time she will fail to instant kill even when it goes over 50% (Yet the AI always succeeds below 20%).

All-Seeing Eye is going to be annoying but if you are using your own leech in the first slot, you can easily return the favor and steal the enemies attack back and prevent them doing damage but the amount it does at later levels is just excessive. Xerodar’s 3rd trait is also problematic as the second you attack his life, you get death marked… none of them have immunity to death mark.

Hall of Guardians will definitely be the worst though. Sure, Silent Sentient can enchant everyone but it needs to get hit first and while all the troops have reduced spell damage… so does the enemy which makes Gargoyle a serious problem to defeat on the enemy team. Oh and, if the enemy gets enchant, that’s pretty much it.

So in conclusion, I’d say Hall is the worst then All-seeing Eye. Just put Crypt Keepers wherever you think it deserves to go since it’s mostly spinning the wheel. I haven’t mentioned the mandatory epic room with the delve team but Hall also has it the worst on that front as well.


Another Faction event is here!

As predicted, when you don’t aim for getting new weapon, it’s possible to finish the event in 9-room Factions without spending a single gem.

I got 3 Valravens. Faery Ring room appear quite often as well, so the score is higher than usual. It might even be possible to finish all 8 reward stage reaching only Delve level 80, as I was pretty close with 2 sigils left!

Turned out, the reverse-rarity strategy won’t matter much anyway if you can still finish all rooms. Still, it’s better to do harder room first to make the whole playthrough better.

So in the end, Faction Events is not a gem-sink at all, more like time-sink, and that also depending on which team you use. I’ll share my new teambuild later! ^^


Xerodar himself is immune to deathmark actually. But its still a very problematic match-up, I agree.


Oh? My bad then although you wouldn’t really shove Xerodar in the 1st slot though. He’s usually in the 3rd or 4th slot.


Is it best to run through delves to level 500 with standard team then try pure faction team?

Or use faction teams at certain intervals like every 50 or 100 levels to increase total renown for bonuses?


Do it as you go or you will be stuck at lv500. Unless you plan on doing the 1 day events and working back up to a certain level to try the faction team. Best to do faction team as you go. No point really doing them every 50 as the rewards are based on every 100 renown.

100 should be doable by just about anybody. 200 is tough even for endgamers. 300 and above will require serious investing in your hoard level and lots of luck. I recommend doing 200 if you can and then continue on to 500 with non faction team.


@Fleg thanks, I haven’t really done much in the way of progressing with the delves, just ‘farmed’ CK at level 20 to increase quality/hoard levels and to get the faction troops.

Just to clarify are you saying to just use faction team instead of standard team regardless of delve level? Or only use faction team every 100?


I assuming he means All-Faction team every 100 levels (because that’s where the reward checkpoints are). You could use the faction team every single level if you enjoy a completely un-necessary challenge with no extra rewards, and wasting time.


Thanks for clarifying this for me. I wasn’t too sure if I needed to do every level or not with a full faction team.


I was being a bit over the top. You can get points for every level, but you are not ‘missing any’ by doing it every 100. So one of my all-faction delves is at 110 because I forgot at 100 I get +110 points but if my next try is 200 I won’t be “missing” any from 120-190 it will give me the same points +200 (in this case).

Its just max all-Faction lvl won, not additive for every single win.


Did they fix dragon eye?

Edit: i confirm it’s fixed RIP dragon eye :frowning:


Could you be more clear about what “fix” Dragon Eye means?

There’s like 8 different ways that weapon could work. Which one did it change to?


What is your magic stat when you equip Dragon’s Eye?


not quite entirely free, You are sort of forgetting about RNG. I personally fell short of Stage 8 by 615 points playing perfect, with 0 Val Ravens lost. I think I had 2 Val Ravens total, with 2 FR Rooms.

Still 30 gems is too expansive for ANOTHER 2 Orbs of NON-Ascension.

Your time sink remarks were right on point.


Mainly a time sink, I lost a Valraven at the boss which was fun… As for the orbs of chaos, as long as it isn’t growth, I’m fine with it. Wisdom is good for shortcutting traits and Clans is decent. Ascension is arguably the best yet the most difficult to get. All in all, if you got double growth… I pity you.


Sorry for being unclear, just state that it’s possible to finish at Delve Level 80, but it’s quite unlikely. The averge Level would be 100, but still, that depending on your luck with Valravans. My prediction is based on possibility, not a inevitable outcome.

So it’s usually 90 gems or lower in All Seeing Eye, 0 gem if you are lucky at other Factions.

So… I changed my class to Bard too fast to make screenshot. Lol.

The team I was using the whole event this week is Freya/Frostmage-Dawnbringer/Skadi/Old Man Oakroot. It’s quite great with 240+ damage start-up for Dawnbringer and keep getting higher with everyone’s spell cast. So I quite like Dawnbringer in Delve now, which lead to other teambuild for Level 300 in actual Underworld.

  1. Gelatinous Cube/Bard-Dawnbringer/Ubastet/Slyvanimora
    Playing with Cube’s 50% devour chance on entangled troops. Don’t like it that much, as you don’t even get attack boost, just life+armor. Yasmine’s chosen also work here, just more risky of losing Cube to skulls.

  2. Gelatinous Cube/Bard-Dawnbringer/Arachnaean Weaver/Ubastet
    Webbed troops are better to be devoured, but too much mana need make it too slow.

  3. The Great Maw/Bard-Dawnbringer/Ubastet/Scorpius
    More reliable devour and many boost to go around. Still got mana problem, and no skull-creator troop.

  4. The Great Maw/Alchemist/Bard-Dawnbringer/Wrath
    The current one I’m using. Alchemist is great at getting Maw to cast faster. At boss room, if you’re able to devour Gargoyle first before it cast, or already survived it once by mass-barrier, you are very likely to win. Wrath is also great with mass-enrage to deal with their skull-reduction trait, and looping himself.


So far, so good. All luck with getting ravens.

Well, it was free. :laughing:


Then I was really lucky with 1st tier purchase


I got 27k points (out of 22k needed) without spending. I think having a whole nine rooms per delve helps…