Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!


I think Fleg means that a player would need to get the extra stats from a level 1,000 hoard to have a chance of beating the level 500 delve with a faction team.


Made it to 500 but ran out of time to play it.

I got 3 Common Ingots on Login for my efforts. Hurray!


Outstanding job in the faction event(level 490),you showed great skill whilst those above you on the leaderboard showed no skill whatsoever…You were the best player by a large margin in my opinion.


Great Job man, still the same team? Doesn’t that take like 40 or so Yasmine casts per fight?


Congrats on reaching 500! @TheIdleOne

What were the stats like at 490?


Yeah, its quite a horrible experience (luck and green gem management), mainly because Queen Aurora is so vulnerable. 2 casts and she’s a goner and Ocularen self-loops/refills + Yasmine missing fills Ocularen. Have to pray that Yasmine misses in a way that lets the AI grab a 4/5 match while frozen giving your turn back… Miss too much and Xerodar fills too. That can be traumatic at the worst times.

Since Yasmine and QA both make 10 gems, I’ve come to hate both of them quite a lot.

Average cast is like 29 AoE damage-ish I think? Didn’t really pay too much attention to the numbers other than I was chopping a tree down. Doesn’t help that her spell doesn’t scale well with Magic as its not true AoE dmg, so hoards barely improve the damage output.


Was crunched for time, forgot to look. Was already casting Yasmine before I realized I should have jotted down the stats. Slightly higher is the answer I guess lol


I’d be in the top 100 on Steam leaderboards if I had any time to do it. I had to spend the other half of my attempts just blitzing straight to the boss room.

Unlike the daily ones, there doesn’t seem to be a ‘do same level’ option, not that I would take it if it was there.

As for actually doing the fights, you must have some kind of scaling thing. All-Seeing Eye’s best bet is actually the Leech - drain attack until you can reliably proceed to murder with skulls, which Xerodar makes. Keep health up with the Mother and transform with the Ocularen when you can. Summon with the Mother if you lose a troop.

Given this is skull-based by later levels, very important not to have the wrong order after Bulettes or Dust Devils. Avoid them or take the time to let them juggle you.


Is it normal to have opened more than 50 portal and not getting a single gargoyle?

While having opened 50 chest from the other faction and getting 1 occularian and 2 legendary factions troop…


Consider yourself lucky. When the Hall of Guardians faction event comes around, Gargoyle will be the easiest troop to get by a good margin.


That’s true, but when would that be?

Edit: Tuesday Sept 18 oups loll


Fair point. But I still think leveling up hoard after Level 100 is a resource trap. Players shouldn’t do that until all their factions are also at Level 100, and they already have a stach of 900% Quailty and 5,050 Exp. worth of Treasures ready for next faction.

All faction teams have some unique tactic to them, that it should be possible to do it by fighting 3 battles at Delve Level 500 with just Hoard Level 100, given enough try. Top players don’t need extra stats help to beat Raid level 500, I can’t see why it should be any difference in Delve.

I’ll try to do that myself in Hall of Guardian to prove it. It would take the whole month though. If anyone can do the same, feel free to leave a screenshot.


So the point of delves is to get a lot of ingots for our hero weapons for fights that if we want to get the extra points by using a team of faction troops, and the hero does not count if you include him/her.

It would be better if we were allowed to add hero to the team and still get the renown bonus.

So besides upgrading weapons what else are delves good for?

We aren’t really getting any other resources out of it.


Getting the new troops from the Factions by using Chaos Shards, is worth a mention too.


Its really not a game breaking mode for those that wants to skip it more or less. Worth a mention too.


Very great points @eika, I still would like to see hero be included with the faction teamed though. Especially since we have priest from whitehelm.

Maybe hero can be priest/construct, risen from the halls.

Has anyone tried using 3 faction troops and hero to see if it works or not?


Would be really cool if it worked with priest class since its from Whitehelmet.


Yeah!! that can be the heroes new faction name. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Maybe I will try one to test. Unless someone beats me to it, I hope.

And thanks everyone for all the tips on the event yesterday. I was able to hit top 50 and clear all stages in under 2 hours. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:


cant harm, cant harm…