Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!


Well it is currently broken in a way that makes people use loads of gems, so let’s see how fast they change it.


Oh i meant it as in: Not assigining the score points unless you finish the boss battle, i’m no expert in coding, but i think this would take a little longer because it might need to pass the approval process for consoles and such…

Personally they sort of tied their hands, if they change it now they’ll make some players angry, but not addressing it will also rub others in the wrong way… The poor guy that is below me in the Leaderboard is probably completely fatigued because his battles surely take longer than mine.

Edit: And if he is forced to spend the treasures in this faction to have better chances he is bound to farm resources there which is a chore pilling up day after day…


compared to all of the legendary and mythic ingots I’ve gotten today, the 1 ingot a day thing is useless…


I will get 2 ingot per day soon :slight_smile:


So I’m going to volunteer part of my adventures:

Delve 360: Boss Ocularen Leech: 203 ATK, 388 Armor, 403 Life, 99 Magic (steals 100 ATK)

500 is going to be fun with faction only troops

Edit: Part of it is 10% monster bonus week, but … it’s a mirror match, so … shrug


I’m thinking about another word with F… but let’s go with fun:sweat_smile:


Ps4 players didn’t get the note…

How are the leaderboards looking on the other platforms.

@Razzagor, no need to block out names, they are public I thought…

And now, what plan of attack do I take?


PC Mobile


That level 20 fight must be really hard…thx @Ashasekayi.

How about anyone from xbox?


You’re welcome :smile_cat:


360 that’s impressive. If you feel like sharing, may i ask what team you use?


Forest Troll, Yasmine’s Chosen, Queen Aurora, Queen Mab. (Summer Banner)

Starting to skip a lot more rooms, not that anyone should be surprised.

Dust Devil
Glaycion (not because its hard, but because everything becomes immune to frozen)
Green Slime/Bone Dragon
Lady Ironbeard - Its hard to chop its armor down below yours before it fills in the higher floors
Rock Worm rooms (although if forced into one like Delve 360, I’d choose Rock Troll/Rock Worm over Kruarg/Rock Worm)

Boss room is sketchy, sometimes they’ll chain you to death before you can react to much. Have to pray Yasmine doesn’t miss much and the freeze is nearly mandatory in the higher levels due to their damage output.

Downside to the team? 100% Queen Aurora. She seriously needs a buff to actually do SOMETHING to herself, even just a self-barrier with no heal.

If given the chance, I’d probably use the Glacial Peaks hero over Queen Mab. That’s the future though.


That’s a blend of two of my GW Teams :stuck_out_tongue:
Duh, not so surprising come to think of the troop restriction of this mode, but sometimes you just need to be hit with the obvioushammer i guess…


2 for 2 at 95% today. My other attempts have been at 100% after failing a 80% roll, but I decided to push my luck today.


My final conclusion for the Faction Event is: everyone should do it for finish all reward stages. Don’t try to use it as a way to a accelerate your Faction level progress, unless you have 10K+ gems stash, as natural daily progress could get you higher.

As for the Learderboard, well… it doesn’t work the way I expected. As such, maxing each Faction should be all our colletive effort now, and I don’t see any reason anymore to withhold my Delve team. So here it is.

  • The first is for All Seeing eye. Yao Guai take full potential of life gain from Yasmine’s Pride.
  • The second is for Hall of Guardian. Infernus + Glaycion can wreak anything. A bit tricky on the boss, but still managable.

Here is my progress in Hall of Guardian in the quest for maximum renown. Still farmable if careful enough.

New Faction - Crypt Keepers

Im finally done it was long day with all these sigils, i am now at 2010 total renown and i am very excited to show you the 2 common ingots i will get every day lol


Delve 470: Boss Ocularen Leech: 264 ATK, 516 Armor, 517 Life, 129 Magic (steals 130 ATK)

So uh… how do I beat this with the faction team?


Hold tight and hope for deathmark to trigger on all of them? Just kidding…


I really don’t see how max renown in a faction is possible. Unless you get hoard to lv1000 but doesn’t that take billions of gold?


For Hoard level section, only get to Level 100 is enough. (100 × 5 = 500 max)