Delves: Strategies, tactics and tips

Yes, you are. Crab Man is bad and not scaling well. On the other hand, The Maraji Queen is good and you don’t use her.

I misread the card and thought it was 50% mana at start for just the card not all elementals. Perhaps I need more than 2 hours sleep doing these dwelves.

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I m with 7 power potions now…

Even with pots you need lot of luck, err, i mean SKILL, to not get the most stupid rooms (Drowned Grotto anyone? just got it right now and am just gonna exit that run lol) and need to grew the SKILL to avoid getting skulled from the sky too (that another SKILL some ppls learned in ages and ages of training seem).

Lame Faction defo, the ship seem nice with her doomskull but unless you end the match casting it often lead to the death of 1 of your troop.

Cant wait to get this crap done so can forget again delve exist and go play MgT Arena where i just need LUCK and not “GoW Skill” (the remaining sigil can go…).

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I beat 350 pure faction with this team.
400 I used almost same team, switched Elemental and Crab around.

Both won on 1st run through.

Will update later when I try 500


7 tiers. Team shared above. Some luck on final room with deathmark taking out one of their bottom two troops.


Grats Namour,
how many potions ?

Sorry, seven Tier 7’s. Potion Bonus show’s 49 to each stat.

Is it just me or is some weird stuff going on with sunken troops? I am not running faction team ATM but in boss fight, the enemy seems to be submerging troops it shouldn’t (usually sailor) and is sometimes death marking itself lol. I have only bought as far as the weapon and although I’ve only scanned the traits of the troops, I can’t see why this is happening with the deck I am using (no deathmark perks). Anyone help my ignorance please? Tbh this is another lame faction team, way too reliant on luck. Firstly you need luck to activate death mark and then you need more luck for the death marks to be effective. It seems the AI has way better strike rate at getting both operational. Without significant horde level this faction deck has a very slim chance of high level victory outside of potion boosted events. Very underwhelmed…again.

1 of the talents from 1 of the rooms submerges troops. Is fucking annoying


There’s also a relatively new room that grants “deathmark on skull hit” to your troops, the tier V one with Draakulis in it.


Beat the 500 pure faction. With same team as above

Sunken Banner

Was recording when I won, so have it on video, just need to edit out the 40+ min of losses before hand lol. When I have it edited, will upload it to youtube and post link here.

Youtube Link:


to be true faction only i try to go straight shortest way bvut grotto always kill me even with 9 potions and treasure 195.
Very frustrating this time

What’s worse about Drowned Grotto is that then all future enemy submerge themself when casting, that make the elemental be lot less effective and the crab on boss room basically permasubmerge seen it submerge both casting and taking damage.

Leviathan one too can be a true pain, hardly (unless a lucky deathmark) you can kill him before he cast and screw your formation.

Best bet is restart until there’s no V’s on the way to the boss.

Speaking of which, we definitely didn’t have so much tier variety in those two rooms in previous delves …

Indeed, also score for the event itself can vary a lot depending on rooms you get, however, in that specific case is a good thing, if both mandatory rooms was V’s by default was gonna be a nightmare, already like that most of the time you get either Grotto or leviathan or even both, not a problem with normal team but with faction is another matter hehe.

Only happened 2 times to me (while trying faction 500) to have a II and a III as mandatory.

@Smash…I’ve been keeping an eye out for tidal affix but its submerging non crab troops without it. Well done on 500. I am not gonna bother wasting sigils with faction team at horde 100 and weapon tier buy in only. I would rather use ‘real’ troops and bag the gold. Why the devs have made another ‘cross your fingers and hope you get lucky (death marks) faction team’ shows no endeavour whatsoever to make faction team victory more attainable, as they said they were doing. Factions are a huge gem trap, simple as. And the Xbox LB guys must have been chained to their consoles with crates of red bull and pro plus since it was launched.


FINALLY :smiley:

Spent at least 3 purchases just to not play the Siren room lol :smiley:

Ended up buying it 9 times, hoard is 100


Yeah I ended up buying 9 as well.
Nice vid

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I don’t know whether to commend or sympathise lol. Those who amass a faction score of 7 million probably wouldn’t recognise if their family had gone on holiday during the course of the event. Those pursuing such ludicrous scores are missing a huge portion of normal life because gems has become their life. There are few individuals who could amass such scores. They certainly don’t work and they have disposable cash. I can think of a particular genre of individual who satisfies this criteria. The bonus is that they can recruit cluckers to put a shift in for payment in kind. Nobody of sound mind can sustain the kind of grind required to hit these ‘highs’ with week in week out frequency in a legitimate gaming manner. Something is very, very wrong here, and the devs are their ‘dealers’. Totally perverse.

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