Delve rotation order

Hey, I just learned that the delve rotation order, which previously was the same order delves released in, has now been changed to correspond to the order each corresponding delves kingdom has an event.

Not only does this make it so that we’ll have a bunch of duplicate delves show up in the following weeks, it pushes some REALLY far away.

As an example, I started playing aprox 1,5 years ago. I waited OVER A YEAR for Pridelands to come back into play (from the first time it was) to get Rope Dart. For some reason, that particular kingdom got shafted and getting Rope Dart was impossible (ain’t no way I’m giving money to these devs lol). Now that it finally happened, I didn’t think much of it but another problem arises with delves if they too are tied to kingdoms: What if a kingdom takes over a year to reappear? We’re supposed to basically just sit on that delve and not compete it? Cause remember, some of these delves are practically impossible without potions as the whole concept was developed around having said potions. The other aspect is merely “give us more money” style of development.

Treasures are the rarest thing in this game, especially since they refuse to up the drop rate even after you’ve gotten every troop to mythic.

I heard some people ACTUALLY requested* this. Who in their right mind thought this was a good idea where some delves will come several times during a short period while others you’ll have to wait months if not 1y+ for? The only thing I can see this is that either the devs are lying, nobody actually wanted this, or that the people who wanted this wanted to mess with the rest. I honestly can’t see the benefit. Please enlighten me I am willing to change stance if there’s an actual good reason but even just looking at the coming weeks there’s at least 3-4 duplicates that were up just recently (All-Seeing Eye, Dark Pits soon again, etc).

I fail to see what this brings that would be bette rthan the old system which was at least fair. Each delve in order ensures no duplicates and they all have the same waiting period.

Not only this, but to change it DURING a rotation is even more messed up, but that’s another topic (their timing issues).

I’m not gonna rant about how stupid lycanthropy gems are as there’s a separate post on that but holy shit I have no idea why they do this. They actively want people to quit?

  • EDIT: The part about requesting it was about the actual rotation, not about treasures. That line coming straight after might have given the impression I was stil ltalking about treasures and drop rates. I wasn’t. I meant that people actually (apparently) requested this rotation change. Just for clarity.

Nope, they weren’t.
Delves are older concept than potions… they were designed as gold sink…

You’re supposed to play game at your own pace. Whether you want to wait or dump milions of gold into hoard its your decision. :man_shrugging:

IMO, that was general plan when delves were introduced… by that time all other events WERE tied to kingdoms → Wednesday pet/Thursday class (assuming such class existed already), but also week-long raid/invasion and weekend Bounty - all these were tied up to kingdom

it got changed over time, especialy when campaigns were added and those weekly/weekend cycles got interupted…


Nope, they weren’t.
Delves are older concept than potions… they were designed as gold sink…

They might’ve started out that way but considering how with a few potion tiers, it’s JUST enough to be a decent challenge and not a total RNG fest (some still are btw) it sounds like potions fixed a problem rather than “help make it easier”.

You’re supposed to play game at your own pace. Whether you want to wait or dump milions of gold into hoard its your decision. :man_shrugging:

Except no, you only get 3 sigils per day and if you don’t use them, you’re fucked and have to “waste” those 3. If it was meant to be done “at your own pace” like the rest of the game, they wouldn’t have “energy” or whatever you wanna call it. Sure some things are limited to 1 day, like pet rescue and such but it’s easy to catch that up even if you don’t play for a week or two. Delves however are extreme in that regard and limited beyond reasonability.

IMO, that was general plan when delves were introduced… by that time all other events WERE tied to kingdoms → Wednesday pet/Thursday class (assuming such class existed already), but also week-long raid/invasion and weekend Bounty - all these were tied up to kingdom

it got changed over time, especialy when campaigns were added and those weekly/weekend cycles got interupted…

I get this, and it makes sense. It is also obvious, however they could have done this either before this rotation started or after this rotation ended. Not right in the middle. They could also maybe announce the change cause again, for some the potion runs are the only viable ones and since it takes a lot of either gems, time or both (cause it’s for one day and you start from 20 for some reason) it does require planning almost an entire day around it.

Your main point being “It’s your own time you have to manage” is what I take from this and to soem extent, sure. I agree. Nobody is forcing me to play this and I could just as well just give up and move to the next game. However the forums are for discussion and feedback, are they not? I assume they’d like people to like the game instead of dumping it and moving on? Hence my previous thoughts on the subject.

I still stand by my initial post.

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I very much agree with the OP.

Question: If weekly kingdoms followed a set order and every kingdom got its week in 34 weeks, would that solve the issue for you?

If yes, maybe the solution to this is not “go back to the old delve rotation order” but rather “make a weekly kingdom rotation order” (because there is no order to it atm).


Obviously that would solve it cause that would return to the “each delve gets it’s week after another and the longest wait is the total amount of delves” system, except some kingdoms still don’t have delves and I have no idea what they’re planning to “fill” with, if anything.

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Personally I like the change tying Tuesday faction assault to the weekly kingdom. I’d like to see even more with the weekly kingdom.

I think this issue would be solved if kingdoms weren’t at risk of not showing up for over a year. I don’t think a specific kingdom rotation is necessary as that would mess with any potential lore for campaigns, but at least a guarantee that a kingdom would show within a specific timeframe would be good.

Also, what will happen during weeks where the featured kingdom doesn’t have a faction?

Just like when the kingdom didn’t have a class, include a “random” one on that given event day.

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does this mean, we won’t see blackhawk or broken spire event week until the end of the year?
because this order changing seems to fit with why we had pridelands, dragon’s claw and ghulvania (right now) event weeks before this change and hell gate faction release before maugrim woods event week? :thinking:


If I recall correctly, The Forum Members didn’t request changes, the drop rates were dropping higher than intended amounts of the better Rarity Treasures. The Dev Team wanted to change to intended, which would have been a nerf (i.e. more brass rings and sacks of Coppers, less Sacred Treasures). I would love to provide a link, but:

:rage: My links are broken, please do your own research
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:man_facepalming: Please no swearing.
:+1: Are you aware you can start 3 delves on say, Monday. Monday a busy day. Tuesday a busy day, start 3 others, just click on the Delve, pretty sure (cue that commercial Please: send the money to the Dev Team, my contribution, free of charge) you don’t even need to fight the first room. Now U got six on back-order. Wednesday here, slow day maybe, I could do 6 Alt’s Pet Battles in an hour. (addict). That was pre-skeleton key nerf tho. I know there are other options. Not all players are End-Gamers. I’m moving along :grinning: 6 delves from Mon/Tue, and the 3 on Wed. All caught up now, Understand? :+1:

If not, I am certain someone else with proper links can better direct U in your research.

100% agree. But, Dev team gonna Dev. We have no control over what they do or when. Most players either f2p (they don’t care about us, that’s fine), or Pay because they want to support a Fun Game. The game is fun, the prices are RIDICULOUS. Sorry, that was my outdoor voice, let’s continue to have a Friendly discussion. :+1:

Thank you for sticking around and having a Friendly Discussion, if more of us do this, the more of US there are, and the more POWER we accumulate. The business model of f2p games is constant Turnover. Again, others have stated this more Eloquently than Word Salad Man. I hope they will join in this Friendly discussion. (No more mutes, please)

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:grinning: And I will stand with you. Peacefully.

:+1: As do I. As for the rest of your post, we already have a “muscle memory” in our minds, even one so cluttered as mine…ASE, HOG, Crypt Keeper, etc. I would prefer, and again, I’m just one voice, that the kingdoms match the Delve order, not the inverse. If this were a Democracy, that would be my vote. But, Dev team gonna Dev, as is their Right. (if we allow it) cue the Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Scene: You’re not my King, i didn’t vote for you, I thought we were an autonomous collective of … Help, Help, I’m being oppressed…

:slight_smile: Excellent, another voice is heard. Let us come together, all of us, and come to a consensus. Majority Rules (most votes), but protect the rights of the Minority (of votes counted, not necessarily equal to voter Identity. i.e., not identified as Bracket_Enter_Identity_Here_End Bracket(sorry, meant to be like Portal/GlAAdys (subject name here, welcome to the machine, trust the science/newspeak). Take from what is existing, and flip it to what works for Modern Times. :+1:

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I edited my piece so that it’s more clear what the community request, allegedly, was about. It wasn’t about Treasures but this Rotation.

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:+1: Tyvm for the clarification.

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