Delve faction pet bonus

The bonus is nice but we do not get the pet even till really high tier so what good is the pet if we can’t get the benefit from the bonus as we climb thru the delve it’s self. I would like to suggest this be changed 1 copy reward for doing the delve story line and every so many levels another copy until completion.

I feel like A) the bonus isn’t significant enough to have a major impact and B) it feels sort of common for games to ask you to do things “the hard way” and then unlock the tools you need to make it easy.

It would be nice to get at least 1 copy of the pet much earlier like maybe 1000 renown.


the point i am trying to make here is by the time the pet is even worth leveling its not worthwhile where as pets in kingdoms are since kingdom bonus is perm and its very unlikly we will revist a delve after it is maxed anyway