Delve Challenges: Do u have what it takes?


Congrats! Let me know if you think of something else fun like this :smiley:


Will do definitely. This was super fun.:grin:
I’m gonna see what I can come up with. :+1:

Jay. Oure next one. Sunken fleet. Using Zully on front with Apophesis. I haven’t test it yet. But I believe its gonna be a good challenge.
What u think? Impossible?

with a full team?

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With only Zully and Apophesis. I’m backing on zulls final trait too keep him alive. Taking all the skulls. I thout first only zully. But that’s gonna be impossible. So then Apophesis. Too get his stats up a little bit

I wish I could do faction teams with only hero.

Hei homes. Why cant u?