Let us use hero in pure faction delve teams

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Fully agree with you… Faction teams are really frustrating to play right now, this solution (along with lowering hoard upgrade costs above level 100) would really help


If they made it were only the quality was the thing that needed upgraded from factions and all of them had the same treasure hoard, it would make it so much better and less painful.

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I think you should be able to use hero with the weapon tied to the faction event, like jar of eyes for all seeing eye team etc. I was ticked when I completed a decent level that way and realized it didn’t count

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…if only all the delve weapons would have been as good as Jar of Eyes. I am not sure if you are aware, but most weapons that get released in this game is rather poor.

If they ever decide to take the steps to make hero available for all faction team, God I hope its not restricted to the factions weapons only.


I mean… I don’t see the problem of 4 Lady Morana’s. I truly don’t see what the problem is?


Hmm… someone forgot the memo. Check the FULL message and at the end you’ll see /s at the end of it meaning I was being sarcastic. sigh

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