Let us use hero in pure faction delve teams


Devs, please let us use our hero to count on a pure faction team

Once you’ve maxed out the level of a delve, the only thing left to do is try for pure faction team renown and right now with the troops available it is IMPOSSIBLE for most players, even late game players.

I have Crypt Keepers at level 500 and have managed to get my hoard level to 201 but it’s nowhere near enough stats. With some luck I can beat the first room with all my troops alive; it’s the second room that usually does me in. Troops with instant kill levels of damage on their powers and almost instant kill levels on their attack, plus with the ability to stun, entangle, burn, barrier, and/or gain mana and what do we get with our pure faction delve troops? No entangle, no useful mana generation, no barrier, no cleanse - there is no skill in this, and no skill in understanding the troops and building a viable team.

What is the purpose of delve? If it’s even just a little bit about fun, then a change to pure faction team requirement is desperately needed. Without it, players will abandon delve once they have level 500 non pure faction team. That seems to be a counter-intuitive way to design a game mode … imho.

Being able to use hero would at least give us the means to experiment a bit more with pure faction teams - and with the (unnecessary) nerf to Dragon’s Eye it will still be challenging.

And yes, I will keep requesting variations on the same feature request theme, until I get some kind of definitive answer from a developer.



Fully agree with you… Faction teams are really frustrating to play right now, this solution (along with lowering hoard upgrade costs above level 100) would really help


If they made it were only the quality was the thing that needed upgraded from factions and all of them had the same treasure hoard, it would make it so much better and less painful.


I think you should be able to use hero with the weapon tied to the faction event, like jar of eyes for all seeing eye team etc. I was ticked when I completed a decent level that way and realized it didn’t count


…if only all the delve weapons would have been as good as Jar of Eyes. I am not sure if you are aware, but most weapons that get released in this game is rather poor.

If they ever decide to take the steps to make hero available for all faction team, God I hope its not restricted to the factions weapons only.


I mean… I don’t see the problem of 4 Lady Morana’s. I truly don’t see what the problem is?



Have you completed Crypt Keepers on level 500 with 4 Lady Moranas? If not, try, and then you’ll see the problem. I am on PS4 btw and according to PSN profiles 0% of players have the Exalted trophy, so evidence suggests it is a problem.

I have tried to complete it with the 4 Lady Morana team at mythic, fully traited, with a hoard of 201 (probably 15 or so attempts at this stage - I’ve stopped wasting my delves now and focussed on getting more shards) - I have cast the lady 7-10 times per match (less if my troops get killed quickly) with a range of 30-48% chance for an instant kill and gotten 1 or 2 kills at most, usually towards the end of the match after I’ve lost half my team when it no longer matters. In the middle room where purple mana is scarce, the lady’s chance is even less and the pure faction troops ill suited to combat the enemy teams that most often appear - with their stats at least double mine.

Watch tacet stream delves - he has said more than once that the pure faction delves aren’t possible; that crypt keepers might be possible with an insane amount of luck. If you multiply a 30-50% chance 12 times (the number of successful Lady casts you will need , pretty much consecutively as you can’t afford to get hit more than once per troop and many of the middle room troops are an instant kill) you will see that statistically you’ve probably got more chance of winning the lottery … for just four in a row with a chance of 36% you’re looking at 100 attempts; for 8 in a row its a 3 in 10,000 attempts chance; for 12 in a row it’s a 5 in a million attempts chance … of course you don’t need 12 in a row but you probably need blocks of multiple successes in a row, and the chances of that will be almost as low. With only 3 delves a day, I think calling this impossible with the current set up is accurate.

The worst part is that NONE of it is about skill, choice of troops, or any of the others ways players can combat an opposing team with more stats.


Hmm… someone forgot the memo. Check the FULL message and at the end you’ll see /s at the end of it meaning I was being sarcastic. sigh


Apologies Lissandra - I’m new to posting on forums and so not up on this kind of thing - will know for next time :slight_smile: