Your fastest teams to clear Challenges

One of the first things I did when starting GoW back in the day was clear the Challenges, and was very happy never having to see them again… until 4.5 dropped.

So now that this is back, gonna start grinding the 2142 battles, and would welcome any pointers on fastest squads to clear this, since Bunny, Ishbaala, Dart, Qilin can handle rather consistently, but it can get quite time-consuming on tiers VII to X, and every minute saved will really stack after 2k+ battles.

Ideas/Suggestions welcome!

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Cedric/egg thief/skeleton key/greed (disadvantage, needs thief class to work fast).

Webspinner/apophis/fist of zorn/moon rabbit (disadvantage, no class exp).

Doomed crossbow, drowned sailor, taipan, flame troll (optimal for new class leveling).


If you have any experience with Delves. I suggest you use a fast delve like team initially and then go into your late stage delve type builds as difficulty increases.


Yup, was wondering what’s the fastest deep delve squad at first, although since the lvl 200 troops we face in Challenge X don’t really need HKI to be dispatched, was hoping a fastest mid-range squad may do the trick…

Maybe time to dust off the Glaycion/Apo duo?

Will give those a test run too, although not sure they can consistently handle 200ARM 200HP opponents

For challenge viii-x, fastest is irongut actually.
Mc/sentinel, irongut, ethereal sentry, moon rabbit/gimlet.


I haven’t started on anything yet but I am prepared to bet the old standbys work. My go-to pet rescue was standard Flammifer Yao Taipan Titania, which I think would work here (all eight pet rescues done in 5-6 minutes with any hero class). Stronger PVP teams like Wrath + DoomedGlaive will tear apart just about anything even if it does have a huge stat boost. Failing that, just play it like a delve and use scaling nonsense like Mang+Keeper, Tesla, EF+Irongut, Yasmine’s+Ketras/Yao, etc.


Who uses strategy at this point? Rope Dart, Skeleton Key, and Irongut teams are fast and reliable. Why bother tweaking when faced with YASB? (Yet Another Scaling Battle) If it works for Pet Rescue, Delve, Raid, Invasion, Dungeon, Class Events, or Bounties, it’s going to work for challenges.

Basically that, yes.

Wrath, Writhing Staff, Scylla, Mercy is a fast self-looping team.

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forest troll, king gobtruffle, doomed glaive, the maraji queen (any class, stay away from non-green/brown storms) is pretty bullet proof.

between looping, disease, entangle, and the opportunity for back to back big doomskull hits I havnt had a problem through nearly 5 kingdoms.

Irongut may be quicker though. I havnt actually tried it.

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