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Beat delve 500 with faction team and 1 life remaining

Hi there

This is Meself from Nemesis (PS4). Just beat level 500 delve with pure faction team… and with only 1 life left!!! LOL

THAT.WAS.CLOSE. :joy::joy:


Nice work :smiley:

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Only 1 life left, stunned and deathmarked! haha Congrats!

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The team I used was 3x Lady Morana and Grave Seer with +1blue/+1red banner.

About the second room, most of them are too hard and not worthy wasting time trying to beat. The one I got was Dire Wolf, Cu Sith, Warg and Fenrir. If you kill Warg fast then you can handle the other 3 since they use green and you can transform them to purple. Leave Fenrir for last. Another good room is the one with Fangblade and Venoxia.

I got to the last room with 3 troops. I was lucky enough to kill Spectral Knight and Morana on my first try. Then I thought was gonna be easy to kill the other 2 since they don’t cause damage with their spell, but no. Morana spell didn’t work anymore (about 10 tries) and Nightshade kept stunning me so I couldn’t take skull damage. In the end, there I was with Grave Seer with 68 attack against Nightshade with 81 life. I needed 2 attacks and my life/armor was enough to survive one attack without doomskulls. And that’s how it went. One attack for me, one for the AI without doomskulls and another one for me to finish it, at last.

Just keep trying and eventually you’ll do it. The rng has to work out for you at some point :wink:


Grats @Shavron7! Glad to know you managed to beat it too :slight_smile:

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Way to go! Quite the achievement! :facepunch::fist::muscle::+1: