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Defend not working properly?

I have noticed that when the computer is defending for someone I am invading it looks like this…
Turn 1:

Mana surge! Mana surge! Man surge! Mana surge! Okay all four Legendary cards are full. Prepare to lose.

Turn 2:

Skull, mana surge, skulls, more skulls…Its raining skulls!

Now when the computer defends for me…


Where is my helmet? Wait wait, let me eat some paste. Can I just give you my mana?

Turn 2:

Can I just attack my own team? How do you match gems again? What the games over? Weeeeeeeee!

Now I know that may be a little exaggeration but honestly what is up with defend? When I revenge back I end up walking over most of the attackers, so why is the AI that clearly knows how to cheat not cheating for me? Lol.

Oh and hi everyone!


When you revenge, you fight against the opponents defence team, not against the team they attacked you with. So if you walk over them, that means their defence does “cheat” as little as yours does.
Generally players tend to field a stronger team when they attack you, than the one they defend with.

Anyways most cases of perceived “cheating AI” are cases of strong recall bias, and the AI having a “faster grasp” of the board than the human mind.
Not gonna lie, i have felt my fair share of shady things going on with the AI, but i also had some ridiculous turns myself where stuff just happened to fall into place for me, so it is just the nature of this kind of game.

Oh and hi to you too.

Building a good defense team is tricky… the AI does well with certain teams, which is very different from the teams we as humans can play well.

Also, if you put up a team that is TOO good, many players will skip you. So it’s a complex balancing act.


The easiest way to defend is to have no defend team. If console versions are like PC/Mobile, you can only have 3 defend loses every 24 hours as long as the previously 3 aren’t cleared. Losing is also more profitable since you will get an extra reward every 15 AI defend lose wins.

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and if the 1.085 patch works like 1.09 for pc you will get rewards every 5 :slight_smile:


That was one of the weirdest buffs I have ever seen on defend win loses. It really should have been held for version 2.0. In the current system, it just rewards losing more than winning.

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but it does help with the goblin problem :slight_smile: allowing to see more defense teams :smiley:


Hmmmm, okay.

I have been running the same team for defense and offensive. For some silly reason I thought that since I did good attacking that the same team would do decent defending. Clearly I was very wrong.

Say does anyone know what the max amount of teams (your teams) you can end up having?

Oh and my team is not that OP I only use


At level 44 I am constantly fighting teams full of Legendary or at least three of them.

I think for defence you need to pick a team that the AI can’t go wrong with.


Your team does poorly when defending because it requires lots of build up with 0 board control. Now the AI certainly isn’t the brightest when it comes to using spells for optimal efficiency, but this is why troops like Skeleton and Goblin Shaman work, because board control + extra turn means even the AI can’t mess it up.

Other good options are gem transformers, whether it’s restricted (e.g.Banshee) or selective (e.g.Valkyrie), transformers tend to fail as AI a lot less. (Though I recommend restricted because selective allows more room for error.)


I’ve found that the AI is really good at certain things:

  • Finding 4+ gem matches
  • Bargaining with the devil for cascading drops
  • Not rage-quitting when I start to win

And bad at other things:

  • Using color-changing troops only when tactically appropriate (when changing colors will give you a 4+ gem match, etc.)
  • Wasting skull hits against traited Gorgotha
  • Focusing down a single target with sniping spells (it tends to spread the damage around)

As a result, I make attacking teams that exploit the weaknesses of the AI and defending teams that try to minimize those same weaknesses. Traited Moloch makes for a really solid defense troop, as it plays to the AI’s strengths (prioritizing 4+ matches to anything else) and it’s a passive effect. Traited Gorgotha makes for a really solid attacking troop, as you can just leave 3-skull matches on the board and fill up your troops with mana while the AI plinks away at his armor ineffectually.

Your mieage may vary. I am level 500+ and have a bunch of traited, mythic troops, and I still find I can’t create a defense team that wins more than perhaps 50% of the time. Then again, I rarely lose an invasion, so…what goes around, I suppose?


Thank you and everyone else for the input and information!

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It’s not really good at finding 4-gem drops. It’s perfect at finding the straight-up matches, but there are others it can’t see, like when you make a row of three that will drop two gems above them alongside two more… Or matching a gem that splits a vertical column of four.

You can leave those on the board, and the AI will only find them by luck.

That’s fair. I guess what I mean is, sometimes when I’m in a hurry, I’ll accidentally skip a 4- or 5- match; the computer won’t ever miss them (at least not on PC. I’ve seen the console version miss them on occasion).

Yes, I agree it never misses those. I tend to wait a few seconds to see if four are jiggling, in case I have…