Console Players: Any updates on how CPUs 'new' behaviour is?

Just interested to know if you enjoy the game more now with the new CPU, compared to the old? And why/why not? The CPU update might hopefully come to Mobile/PC in the 3.0 patch. What do we have to look forward to, and what to be sceptical about?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

There are many players around who play console GoW a lot more than I do, but my kids’ PS4 account is level 150 now… only observations I’d make:

  • console AI was already weird and unpredictable before any supposed changes
  • I assume by changes you mean the custom UI that lets you set colour and skull preferences etc
  • if so, I can’t identify any new impact from this: it doesn’t seem to save with the defence team properly when you exit the game so I suspect it’s rarely working as intended anyway

You cannot bait the ai with skulls.
It very rarely works. It often goes exactly where you are planning to go on your next turn.
It occasionally takes 3 skulls when there’s a 4 match of skulls.
Occasionally you get a string drop of say 6 purple or red in a long line, very odd cascades.
Tweaking your defence ai to not focus on skulls is a decent option to have.
That’s about it.
Watching the videos online of the pc/mobile version I certainly think the console ai is a better opponent. Pc one far too predictable and I’m not sure I could have put up with that tbh. As far as I know the console ai has always been a bit different.


Not being able to bait the AI is annoying af. It’s slightly obvious that the “owner” of the enemy picks a certain color (being the top card’s colors) because the AI will still try to get those gems over any others after the first enemy has died. I wish it was back to “normal”.


I’ve mentioned it before even on my own thread, the AI is annoying. Too freaking intelligent. It forces you to match the gems badly in order for it to win. Way too may extra turns for it. I can play any match outside PvP (ranking) on hard and win. The AI is just a ding-a-ling. Sure you can beat the AI eventually but it’s a sneaky piece of crap that needs to get water poured on it… wait that’s my console I’m talking about… I don’t care, the AI needs to get its act together asap.

Oh… the AI overall is OK outside PvP (ranking) from my end, somewhat. :sunglasses:


I like the new AI at least i get more challenge and the game is less predictable. Of course i get more lost then before but i don’t care, always winning was also boring.

Yeah sometime the AI get 5-6 lucky cascades and refill his entire team and kill you before you can even make a move. But there is still some move you can predict.

As exemple manticore will almost always priorise his magic then the skulls and always drain guy with bigger mana so you still can trick him and refill another troop so he waste his magic.

Same for korvash he will cast his magic before skulls unless you got gorghota or any stunned tank in first spot, he will then priorise skulls

Overall the mana drain troop will drain in priority and the gem converter or exploder will do the same wich is such an improvement if we compare with previous update

And about the AI customisation i am not sure this really working as intended, i did lot of testing, puting the cursor completly
To the right or to the left, then a little bit to the right or little bit to the left. It doesn’t seem to affect the AI preference imo

If i had to give a note, i would give a 8/10 cause the AI still do stupid move but human also do mistake and it make the game more realistic then playing a perfect AI.

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New scripts for the computer player will leaving you guessing, however, it still favors certain troops over others regardless. If you figure out which ones they are, then it will surrender. Otherwise, it will really, really, r-e-a-l-l-y prolong the battle.

Console AI routinely drops in enough matches in a single turn to power up mythics that began the turn with no mana.

You’ll see. :slight_smile:


So far this sounds amazing. :unamused:

It’s quite common for the AI to go from no mana to all 4 troops full in one big long turn. Sometimes 2-3 times per match. Grrrrrrr

Most mana I have seen ai collect in one turn is 74mana… I doubt I would ever see that happen on PC and for starters it would be unacceptable by the PC crowd here.