Deeds - Discussion and Critique

Should it even matter tho, the fact that the only magic kingdom with Green deeds is Zhul’kari? Not all troops benefit from plus one magic, while all troops benefit from plus 1 health. So even if your +1 magic user hits all four of my +1 health Orc warriors for true dmg, my boyz could conceivably survive that (and get +5 Orc armor) and kill off some of your troops that don’t have the increased health that mine do.

(Work with me here, and maybe the devs will release some green deeds😊). I put my 4 free Green deeds into Zaejin and Forest of Thorns (2 each) because they have delves that I have yet to get to 2500 reknown.

I plan to upgrade Health Kingdoms first, then Magic, Attack, and shields. Exception of course is Grosh-nak. Orcses is da best. For da Horde. (I still need to get the Dark Pits faction to 2500 as well, but couldn’t neglect my boyz).

I don’t think it should matter, but the devs have been very careful to limit magic upgrades (from having the fewest kingdoms to keeping us from being able to reach power level 10), and i believe they will continue to do so. I don’t like it, but it’s the way that they’ve done things from the beginning.

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Day 44 since first Deeds in AB:
6/102 Imperial Deeds (748 days needed at this rate)

14/146 Blue Deeds (459 days needed at this rate)
0/146 Green Deeds (∞ days needed at this rate)
19/176 Red Deeds (408 days needed at this rate)
10/176 Yellow Deeds (775 days needed at this rate)
4/176 Purple Deeds (1,936 days needed at this rate) (10/176, 775 days with ~15USD Flash Offers)
10/176 Brown Deeds (775 days needed at this rate)



If you look at the numbers it’s clear that the system has to be completely revamped.
This is nonsense.

The current rates of deed acquisition are not consistent with “about a year to max existing kingdoms”. So either we have another source of deeds incoming (just like Delves served as the additional source for ingots), or Sirrian was wrong when he gave the timeline.

I suspect the plan is to increase Flash Offer frequency once the outrage has died down enough, so far they’ve only been testing the waters.

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I know that the green situation is worse, but look at that sweet sweet 1936 days for purple lol

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I mean, I tried to tell them.

Can’t link to the thread since its one of them secret ones (which is my point). Pics being iffy but there’s totally a GoW Dev diamond thing in the top-left corner.


I’ve always said they should never have placed an expected time-stamp (a full year) in the patch notes, if their intention was to make it take a few years.

It’s either blatant falsehoods, or they truly had no idea and just guessed it would take about, or a little over, 365 days to finish all kingdoms…

I don’t think this is true. They have a bunch of flash offers that seem to rotate during events and deeds being one of the rarest, other than the power orb offered during shark week, seem unlikely to be offered more than once every 30-45 days. And if all you can get is a max of 4, or so, I don’t see that hastening the time-line to finish a kingdom to be all that spectacular over the people that don’t buy the offers. It certainly won’t help make finishing all kingdoms something you can do within a full year, unless they offered deeds in a daily offer for each kingdom color, like the daily dungeon has for jewels.