It's been... 649 days

Since deeds were introduced into the game on August 28th, 2019, I now finally have enough accumulated to get every kingdom to Kingdom Level 15. And that’s with spending gems on every Imperial deed & writ offer I could get.
To be technical, I did push two kingdoms to 16, and still have two kingdoms at 13, but since it takes 3 deeds to get 13 to 15 and from 15 to 16, the number of deeds is accurate.
With 102 Imperial deeds gathered in 649 days, I now can (roughly) extrapolate how long it will take to go from 15 to 20. I have received 1 Imperial deed every 6.36 days. And, I will need (34 * 29) 986 Imperial deeds to boost every kingdom to 20.
Which means it will take (986 * 6.36) 6271 days to get them. That’s 17.18 years.
And the situation with colored deeds is far worse. To get every kingdom to 15, you need (30 * 34) 1020 colored deeds. You will need 30 books (of a particular color) to go from 15 to 20. With each book being 50 deeds, that’s 51,000 colored deeds total.
This discrepancy is so much wider, because after level 15, individual colored deeds are 1/50th of their previous usefulness. I have gotten 1250 colored deeds (and 13 books) in the same timespan, but if I were to depend on deeds alone, it would take 96,534 days to get all I needed.
Granted, you get a couple books in the free pass, (and double that if you pony up 10 bucks every 10 weeks), so the number above is somewhat mitigated, but that does’nt make it farmable.
There needs to be a way to make Imperial Deeds a little more common & books a farmable resource, so that finishing kingdoms is’nt a task that takes DECADES.


2 updates from now:

“Good news all! We bring you a feature you’ve all been asking for. New uber epic guild tasks! :smiley:
They cost 10x as much as epic tasks and give twice as many deeds as epic tasks. And if you complete them all, you get an imperial deed! And yes, of course they need to be completed to get access to legendary tasks.”

1 hour later:

"Why are you guys complaining? This TRIPLES the guaranteed deeds per week and even includes an imperial deed, this is what you wanted! :man_shrugging: "


Thank you, I was going to make exactly the same post with these calculations and ask Salty to finally confirm that they are at least AWARE of these numbers. The promise of “don’t worry there will be other ways to get deeds” is increasingly ringing hollow and the whole issue leaves a bad taste IMO.


Follow up question: Are there lots of players (specifically end gamers) who already have all kingdoms to level 15? Or am I in a minority here, and most of us are’nt quite there yet?

You’re ahead of the GM of The Unforgiven, for what that’s worth :man_shrugging:

I only have one Level 16 kingdom, still have 3 (I think? I could check later, if we need the exact figure) sub-15.

I play the Arena basically every day, as I’ve noted elsewhere.

I do not buy colored deeds, though, so if that’s making it offer me fewer deeds over time, I’m unintentionally throttling my Imperials, I guess.

Well I mean the randomness of Imperial deed offers is another sore point. Please please please give us the option to at least farm something, writs, deeds, whatever. This random trickling is killing me. For all intents and purposes I’ve stopped playing because I can’t make any progress with play. Surely that wasn’t the intention? Then again, I would really like to have confirmation… “yes we know it will take you 10 years at the current rate”


I have 1 kingdom at level 12, one at 13 and one at 16. All others are level 15. Without the one kingdom at 16, I’d be at level 15 for all kingdoms. And up until recently, the guild I was in was doing basic + green epic task, so I’m a bit behind on coloured deeds. I would expect end gamers from high requirement guilds to be there by this point.

I’ve felt the same for a while, the only thing endgamers have some control over in terms of progression is medalling troops. However, the drop rate of medals in relation to what’s required is so low that it barely feels like progress at all… and unless you’re an extremely dedicated player, every mythic release actually sets you further away from ever reaching that goal, it’s kind of demoralizing for completionists


Yes, exactly! Without an attainable goal, there’s no point aside from the occasional diversion.

You can’t even pay to work towards anything either – not that you’d necessarily want a p2w competitive gap.


OP, big missed opportunity to sing a great song by one of my native bands :stuck_out_tongue:

“It’s been, one week…”

Afaik the first was a member of my guild on xbox who got all to 15 about 2 months ago. I just recently got there last week. I’m assuming a lot of endgamers will be getting there very soon only a few IDs away. Although I despise arena it has given me several ID’s so the players getting there first will be the daily arena players.
Many players used all their writs on purple deeds early on and now regret it I bet. They would probably be there now if not for that mistake.

I’m Level 1331, been playing for about five years now.

I’ve got just over 2/3rds of my Kingdoms to Level 15, so it’s going to take me until next Xmas to get all of them up to Level 15.

That’s presuming I’m still playing, because, at the moment, my Delving has stalled thanks to the lycanthropy gems screwing up my Pure Faction teams, meaning trying to get any of them up to Level 500 is even more of a waste of time than it usually is :rage:

My current stats:

Kingdom Level # of Kingdoms %
13 2 6%
14 12 35%
15 18 53%
16 2 6%
17 0 0%
18 0 0%
19 0 0%
20 0 0%

My resources:

Deed Color # Deeds # Books Deeds Required for 15 Imperial Required for 15
Ice Blue 13 6 20 4
Nature Green 27 3 0 0
Fire Red 77 1 68 13
Air Yellow 35 7 38 7
Magic Purple 22 4 10 2
Stone Brown 39 0 20 4
Imperial 7 0 0
Writs 897 0 0

I remember when people were calculating how many ingots it would take to upgrade all weapons. It was astronomical and seemed ridiculously out of touch.

Now look where we are. I’m sitting on thousands upon thousands of useless legendary and mythic ingots thanks to delves and numerous other sources.

Simple solution to mitigate this severe unbalance: Update the delve total rewards and replace ingots with a random book or writs every 2500 and an imperial at every 10000 or 25000 if that’s too much.

Something needs to be done sooner rather than later, or give us a reason why we need 50+ ingots every day with nothing to use them on.

Or give us that virtual fireplace we need to melt them and burn the treasure maps.


I have three at lvl10 and one at lvl13, the rest are at lvl15. I have 2 imperials and 500+ writs towards another lvl15.

I was a little late to realize that I ought to be grabbing every single imperial or writ I could find even if it made me physically ill, but I’ve gotten “most” of them maybe?

And I don’t do arena at all if I can help it. And no campaign purchases because dear god no.

Also. To add to the 17+ years estimate, we can expect there to be new kingdoms before then as well. Since if they don’t do that, the game will go under relatively quickly.

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This is fair for the 17 years calculation re: Deeds, since it seems likely there’ll be additional Books of Deeds sources at some point to shorten this.

In terms of the ~649 days to get enough Imperial Deeds to upgrade all Kingdoms to 15, it’s a little over the original estimate of about a year (maybe they needed to stretch out development time due to the pandemic… :man_shrugging:) – and it’s essentially just a waiting game/daily participation prize.

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Almost double is a tad more than a bit over. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m in astrophysics. Getting a value within 50-200% of the true number is darn close!


I suspect a rapid increase in deeds and books after all delves are finished and we see what comes after. I predict we will see someone with a level 20 kingdom in 5 years or less.

Fair Point. I didn’t want to go into speculation at that point. Math is hard enough without adding probability into the mix :crazy_face:

I usually play Arena, although there are days when I just didn’t feel up to it. It’s my least favorite game mode, even less than Treasure Hunt. But the daily offers are so bad for end-gamers, you need to get those extra 3 offers to even have a chance to get those few resources you actually need/want.