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Debuffs/effects should wear off at the END of a turn, NOT the BEGINing

This was mentioned in one of the other threads on here, but I can’t find it.

Currently, status effects/debuffs (silence, stun, etc) wear of at the beginning of a turn.
They should wear of at the end of a turn.

Otherwise you wreck all the strategy that you are trying to create.

I silence the enemies, yet they wake up and cast when their turn starts.
If they had woken up at the end of the turn, I would have been able to recast or adjust my strategy.

I stun a nasty traited first card, yet he unstuns at the start of their turn and uses the trait anyways.

So basically… this ruins any strategy someone is trying to apply, and just puts it all back down on dumb luck.

So please fix this, it should make the game a lot more playable imo!


what if they wear off in the middle of your turn, while you were thinking. that should spice things up :stuck_out_tongue:


I was about to create a topic exactly like this. This discussion deserves more attention.

When I play Gems of War, nothing frustrates me more when something happens that I can absolutely not plan ahead for. This includes sudden cleansing, random cascades and skull drops.

We know the devs respect the ability to counter play certain things such as deathmark. Changing cleansing in this manner will allow players to be able to react and adjust their strategy to certain conditions; it will serve to reward better play and reduce frustration caused by randomness that you can’t play against.