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Dear Scorpius players, WHY?

Why do you guys put in Scorpius when you have no poison characters on your team, his spell is extremely weak dealing damage if there’s no one poisoned…It just makes no sense to me. there’s plenty of other heavy hitters that aren’t a one shot spell if you’re looking for power.

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Because of this week’s event maybe?

He is a monster, and paired with other Brown monsters, like Troglodyte, you have a good increase in stats. Just a bit more challenging without being competitive at all… That’s what i did.

Mist Stalker and Myzmer are good too.

No, This week I understand…but I have encountered many in PVP before this.

Some questions are better left unanswered…


3rd Trait + Impervious


fair enough :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Use him in brown and yellow teams for the power boost.

obviously it wasn’t about his spell since:

  1. AI is not that smart to poison first before casting scorpius.
  2. Many players run with devour immune unit at 4th spot, which many times also immune to poison.
  3. Poison immunity is a common immunity now with fortitude and undying.

Last trait. You started a thread for this?


As others have said. Last trait.
Never gets cast by myself.

As others have said…his last trait is awesome. I would add his spell is awesome on teams with a traited euryali.

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I put him in all brown monsters no poison and he can still go off, paired with rock worm he can be very brutal.