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Scorpius in GW Bugged Scoring Wise

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I was expecting Scopius’s cast to count as just damage and not lose points from it.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
@Nimhain stated that guild wars scoring was not altered with the update. So this must be a bug.

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!
No. Unfortunately we are not privy to how the scoring system works. So I can’t show the points being deducted. But I bet my left nutt that using Scorpius costs players points. Similar to devour, true damage, or death mark.

Even when the troops weren’t poisoned and Scorpius just finished off the rest of their health with his cast. I still had a lower than average score.


I don’t think it’s bugged. Insta-kill mechanic do not count as damage according to this:

I do also curious why they do not want those insta-kill mechanics to count to our score. It’s one of mechanics in the game and some of them (like deathmark, devour, assassinate, bulls-eye) is really relying heavily on RNG. I mean, it’s not even guarantee you a win if you use those mechanics.

Brown day in general tend to score low compare to other color though. There are couple team than can do very good (9.5k+) for brown day but they’re very risky to play, especially in current meta where you can’t make any mistake or you’ll get punished really hard. But again, high risk high rewards.

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I don’t consider Scopius as an instant kill though since the troops need to be poisoned to work.
And if the troop isn’t poisoned. It really shouldn’t be considered instant even if it kills it. Unlike devour or death mark that deduct no matter how much life or armor the troop has.

I scored 9k today. My Average is about 9.4k so on Brown day if I was using True Damage and lost a few troops. I could see 9.1k-9.2k. But 9k and only lost 3 troops (which is high for me) is ridiculous. But I used Scorpius in every match. So that would be 10 insta-kills… which could easily be 100-200 points deducted.

Yes, I totally understand how Scorpius work. I doubt if you use his spell as finishing blow it will score same as when you use him to insta-kill the bottom two. The latter scored very low even when you actually finished the match in very few actions because you won’t get damage efficiency bonus for killing 2 troops instantly.


The scoring for damage bonus is damage taken relative to damage given. If you deal 4 times as much damage as your opponent or higher, you have met the criteria for maxing out this category whether or not you are dealing true damage or using instakills and devours - you don’t “lose” points by using these things to kill unless you are also allowing yourself to take so much damage that you would not have dealt at least four times as much as your opponent. And if you take zero damage, you get a defacto max in this category regardless of how much actual damage you deal. If you want max points for damage efficiency, worry about taking less damage over trying to deal more.


Not to contest your thoughts. But based on what are you getting that information from?

I don’t claim to know exactly how the scoring system works. I can only say definitively, that myself and others scores are drastically lower since the update. Our teams, opponents, and play style has not changed. Only the game has changed.

It’s all here

Sorry @ZooKeeper I meant that as a reply for @Mithran’s comment.
But I do thank you for posting that link. I reread it to make sure I was correctly remembering how they said scoring worked.

My apologies if I am somehow reading this wrong. But if the troops I’m killing with Scorpius have full life and armor. Let’s say a combined 180 between the two. His cast should count as 180 damage points. And if it isn’t… It’s a BUG. :slight_smile:

Scorpius isn’t doing 180 damage when he kills a poisoned troop. He’s doing whatever damage his spell says he’s doing and the remainder of that 180 he didn’t reduce is wiped out as an insta-kill. The “damage is lethal” 2nd part of his spell isn’t damage in itself. Just like the damage Kraken does with its spell counts toward multipliers but the rest of the devour doesn’t count.

So it acts like true damage. Hence the deduction in points. That makes sense. Still, it’d be a change to what it used to do. It sounds like it wasn’t working properly before the update, and now it is. I would love just to know which is which though. Was it not working right and now it is? or vise versa.

It’s not like true damage at all really. It acts like an insta-kill which is what it is. True damage is an entirely different thing and its only effect on GW scoring is that you’re doing less overall damage to add to your half of the damage bonus ratio.

For example: if you do 100 true damage and your opponent only does 25 damage of any kind your ratio is 4:1 for max bonus. If you do 200 regular damage eating through both armor & life and you opponent does 50 any type of damage you’re still at 4:1 ratio to get max. All that matters is how much total damage you do vs total damage they do for that part of your bonus. Don’t look at true damage as something different than any other damage.

Where you’re getting caught up is likely you’re doing less damage to end the match faster so your opponent has to do a much smaller amount of damage to you to mess with your damage ratio. To keep that max ratio for every point of damage you take you have to do 4x that to max the ratio. He does 20 damage to you means you have to do 80 back to him to max. That’s tough to do using true damage unless you kill them so fast they don’t get much damage on you in the 1st place.

Does that make more sense? Not sure if I helped or made it more confusing.

I honestly don’t think there was any change in the update but rather a tiny bit more damage from your opponent throws your ratio out of whack faster with smaller amounts of true damage than doing massive regular damage.

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I relabelled and reclassified the thread. Scorpius isn’t bugged, this isn’t a support issue. But the debate on how it works with GW scoring may be useful to some.


Your 100% sure that it’s not bugged?? I’m tempted to change it back. But I’m not going to use that ability all willy nilly like.

I think I know what you’re saying. But it’s late at night. And this makes my head hurt. Cause I read it as go fast, but not too fast. Do a lot of damage, but don’t if it lets the AI do damage. If on the board you have a choice between ending the match or doing skull damage that causes another move/turn. One of those choices are wrong, but unless the player has counted every move, every Mana gained, and all the Damage for/against it… There’s no way to know what the right choice is. Nor, get any sort of confirmation that they made the right/wrong choice.
And if I use a true damage team, I pretty much can’t let the AI do any damage to me. Or I lose the damage contest. 🤦

Yes I think the quoted explanations are pretty clear.

Well, 99% sure. GoW always has room for bugs.

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Well it’s all speculatory at best. “Lethal” was around way before Guild Wars. Yet it was not listed as a “insta-kill”. Only devour and death mark were.
Fact is, only the devs know exactly whether or not the scoring is working right.
Nimhaim said they did not change anything scoring wise. Yet, I see with my own eyes a change in scoring.
Should I only look for irregularities when beta testing? And just ignore weird things when playing the normal build?
My reason for posting this topic was to make sure Scorpius and Guild War points with it are working as intended. And if they are… I’ll put it in the pile of troops that are useless for wars. As the depth of worthy troops are lessened even more for GW.
What followed was a discussion about how points work in GW.
How many that decided to chime in with their unsocilited opinion used Scorpius on a weekly basis for multiple matches prior to and after the update?
I’ll be changing this topic back to under support now. Thank you in advance for not messing with it again.

For what is worth, I used Khorvash/Ragnagord/Wivern/Scorpius and got 9.3k.
Lost Khorvash in 1 match and insta-killed troops with Scorpius in 3 of the 5 matches.

On the other hand I see that if you loose troops you loose a ton of points now, idk if it was always like that.

I made that change in good faith as I felt it’d help readers. I’m sorry if this somehow wound you up. All looks rather subjective to me.

I ran the same team for 4-5 matches. Lost 3 troops over 5 matches. And scored 300 points less in Bracket 1. I mention the bracket because we should have a higher color bonus than all the other brackets.

Not wound up. Just wanted to make clear what my intent was. I honestly (unequivocally) think it’s a bug. I could very well be wrong. But 90% of the time I’m right about mechanics being screwy in the game. This is a tough one cause I can’t show proof of my hypothesis.