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Team Pinchy (My first Scorpius deck build)

I have been having a surprisingly fun time, and a larger success rate than I thought I would with this team. I was wondering if anybody would try it and give me feedback. Try for quick fill on PM with Blue as highest priority with a gather of 9 on a 3-Match that Surges.



That’s a solid team. The only thing I don’t like is that none of those troops take advantage of Scorp’s 3rd trait. My favorite team is: Khorvash,Ragnagord,Wyvern,Scorpius - they all get stronger as the match goes on.


I don’t have enough stones! I have the Skulls coming out of my ears but not enough Mountain. I don’t know why I failed to stock up when I had the chance :frowning:

Well… there’s always explore mode. 1-2 arcanes an hour, and you’ll be up in no time! :stuck_out_tongue:

My fastest for general PvP is:


Alternate config:

Note that the lethality check for poisoned happens in a different step than the damage, and occurs afterward. You can use this to finish off the rear troops with the spell damage and deal lethal to the next one up, but I’ve also seen it skip the lethality check on the second-from-the-rear troop if the rear troop dies from the initial damage (at which point the third-from-rear gets the lethal poison check). I do know that if the entire enemy team is poisoned and within kill range of his spell damage, you will kill the entire team when he casts. You can also strike right through barriers on poisoned enemies and kill them. This may or may not have been an intended part of his design, but since the other target lock issues (eg., Kraken, Khorvash) have been repeatedly brought up and not fixed, this one might here to stay as well. I actually think he works much better like this than “on paper” as it gives his one shot a bit more bite.

I had mixed results from the team in the original post. Boards dry on blue/purple/green really hurt your starting position to the point where it is almost impossible to catch up. Combination scale guard/marsh raptor taps rarely nets a kill except on the first enemy and only if I skull them first, otherwise, I need a Scale Guard and two Raptor casts. If you can get a strong starting position versus the right team, you can methodically take them apart, but every explode or Raptor kill spawn risks setting up the enemy team for a death cascade. As an example, I handily beat some troll/kraken at least a few times, but about half my fights are an uphill battle, even versus random cobbled together one and two trophy fights, because the colors I needed just werent on the board, or Marsh Raptor ate a multicascade and died early. A single poison immune troop also ruins all your synergy (though you would be aware of that and choose a different team instead). I’m sure this team would work much better out of endgame PvP (skill bonuses wise), where you could double tap enemies rather than them lasting through three casts and Scorpius could just be a huge finisher once you have softened and poisoned everyone.


This looks so cool… I have a paucity of Mythics though and Ketras is missing :’(

edit: Also missing Gard :’’’’(

edit2: I have 3 War, 2 Famine, 2 Plague and Death for all this time I’ve been playing and chasing

I have a scorpius deck with gard’s and am thinking of crafting ketras as an alternative.

With Scorpius as the only mythic:


It is weak to red, though. Red-centric teams aren’t currently all that common on defense, but that might shift again in a couple weeks.

Poison Master is fairly essential IMO if you want a serviceable Scorpius team for general PvP. He is the only non-skull damage poisoner that is also a viable mana generator mana generator. The trait simply takes too long to be threatening by itself for him to be worth the slot, and you can’t have PvP battles taking 3-5 minutes on average. I like to use the trait as a small boost that pushes my damage just over the edge to be able to wipe out the enemy team over a few turns as shown, with Scorp as a finisher rather than the early-game one-shot and dithering around with the last two enemies. Stalling for the boost alone can also be effective (I’ve used this for guild wars teams, with conditional triple damage in particular), but its not something I want to really rely on in general PvP.


That’s verrry interesting looking. Curiously enough I just got Artema today so she was completely off my radar. I’d love to try this out when I get her Traited. The approach both of my decks was similar but I took more of a punching bag strategy for Top Troop plus concentrated damage with individual casts. I would really like to take your comp out for a spin when I can.

I rip it up with:
Rock Worm
Dwarven Banner

I don’t view her traits as strictly necessary, since I’ll generally only take skulls if they will deal potentially lethal damage (or I can set up a row explode into them). Sylvanimoras entangle does plenty to protect her most of the time. Her skull dodge just makes it a bit safer to start. I prefer her to both Gorgotha and Mikhail (plus she is event boosted this week). Havent tried maw. Just theorycrafting, but a Lava Elemental might also be good up front so you can attack from both ends, reduce their numbers and use the stinger for the finisher. Possibly even Dark Monolith, but I never cared for him much.

There are some real deep possibilities, and just looking in this thread shows some awesome creativity and a diversity of approaches.

My underlying and unstated approach to both builds was that there needed to be a method to quickly short-circuit or snipe-kill problem (or effectively immune) troops, so that it would concentrate subsequent Poison Affix applications from Poison Master down to fewer troops (thus allowing the Double-Eradicate much quicker). Well that’s was my theory going into the builds anyways… the direction going in always explains the build coming out it seems.

Nice teams, though Gorgotha,Euryali,Scorpious,Scorpious, is VERY deadly.

Yellow/Brown banner

I tend to build my public teams to be accessible to a wide range of players. You will almost never see me detail a team that requires tough Traits or a hard-to-get Troop unless it is critical to the build. It makes the comps to inaccessible to the players who need them most, namely newer players who are still developing their play style and need suggestions that are realistic for them to assemble.

When I get Euryali I would love to try your team out. What banner do you call for?

Not sure I’ll run Scorpius much in any testing pvp play, but Behemoth/Behemoth/Behemoth/Scorpius is rather fun for matches when fully Impervious is needed. There’s a couple of oddities out there with 3xSilentOne which are annoying as hell to face with any conventional team…

That sounds hella fun fully Traited

Behemoth is my favorite pet from way back in the Traitstone farming days prior to Bombot saving us

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If anybody cares I have fought the FT / Kraken / Mab stack (and variants) 10-15 times in the last 2 hours and won all of them with this deck. Because it requires virtually no board control to gather Mana, the Freeze becomes nearly irrelevant against your progress.

It is surprisingly good against the Psion stacks.

Utterly useless against Humilty / Drak.

Not that hot against Goblins.

edit: Just lost one. There is room for bad play and I took it at a lot of opportunities lol

Just traited out Scorpius thanks to last weeks Arcanes, and here is my favourite team so far with him.

It’s a version of my original Euryali team of:
Assassin Hero (Preyseeker)
Poison Master


Two blue matches and it’s game on, Ketras helps trigger those luscious triple or even quad kills, by bringing those back troops into range. If not the remains two don’t last long. If it goes south Summon a Bone Naga or two :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I had originally tried Swamplash instead of Ketras to keep the Mist of Scales flavour, and it was somewhat reliable of being able to two a remaining enemy if you cast a PM directly after the first Swamplash cast to beat entangle wearing off. Ketras just does this better at 2 less mana while opening up red as well.

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I want Ketras and Euryali :’(

With poison:

Bard with Blade of Sands