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Darkfall is recruiting: Rank #23

i`m interested in joining the guild:)
daily active
daily gold donations of minimum 10k
very active in pvp
invite code:LITTLE RED HOOD

You have made my day @LittleRedHood :smiling_imp:

Errm… This Guild is under new management. We are now called Carnivores. Lots of big bad wolves in this group :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, we are full at this time.

You are welcome to attend a BBQ later, as guest of honour, if you like :smile_cat:

Well,as long as i`m not on the menu…:slight_smile:

LVl 191, half kingdoms maxed.
Can contribute well over your requirement.
Active everyday, currently working on a new team so my pvp is a bit slow, but still achieving rank 1 weekly.

Please pm me for my invite code, so i know when i can drop my current guild.

Hi @Delagyela

We had a space open ‘briefly’ to allow one of our members to invite a friend. The friend has now joined so we are full again.

Hope you find a good guild soon. Wishing you all the best in GoW.