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Darkfall is recruiting: Rank #23

Who are we? This group was created by a superb guy called Malkav - Antediluvian Vampire who has moved on to greener pastures (we sincerely hope so). I am now the Guild-Gopher and get to run errands to make sure our members are kept happy. I am pleased to report that we have had no-one abandon ship and some are still as chatty as ever and we have moved up two places in two weeks.

About us:
Darkfall is still ranked number 23 in the league but is very close to becoming 22.
We are also ranked 15th of the top 20 fastest moving Guilds over the past 6 months and are still moving forward at a lively pace.

We will give you:
+100% Daily Gold Bonus.
+58 Bonus Mana Masteries.
A heck of a lot of Guild Rewards - massive increase over the past three weeks.
Free banter - if you want it.

What do we want from you?:
You must be level 100 or more.
100 x Level Gold to Tasks
(Example, if you are level 100 that is 10k to tasks weekly)
We donate to tasks in the priority Gems>Keys>Tokens, Ignoring Maps & Souls. I repeat: NO Maps or Souls!
Achieve PvP Rank 1
Communicate - to let us know you are still there. We care.

We want you to have security while you are with us and you will not be arbitrarily booted for no reason. We are flexible. Just show us you are willing to contribute and you are willing to play and all will be fine. Our demands are minimal. We have some great people. We are more interested in active players than higher levels.

Our favourite sport: Catching rabbits!
Great work Dead Rabbits. You have kept us carnivores at bay for a long while.
Yay, we have managed to keep ahead of you for the past week.
We finally gotcha - great fight though - respects to all rabbits (Nom Nom).

Join Darkfall today but only if you are a ‘carnivore’! :smile_cat:

If you would like to join, please post your invite code.


I’m willing to join, with one exception if it’s okay with you, I don’t have all my kingdom levels maxed so every other week I can donate heavy (100K+) and the other weeks I can donate between 25k/50k. Of course when I max out every kingdom I can donate 100k+ every week. My heavy donate week starts Monday so if this is acceptable to you my invite code is

You DON’T need to donate 100K every other week. Concentrate on leveling up your kingdoms.

Gold donation is minimal, for example,

Level 100 = 10,000 Gold
Level 200 = 20,000 Gold
Level 300 = 30,000 Gold etc

You are welcome Cell but you are already in a Guild. I cannot invite you until you leave your current Guild.

I’m guild less now lol
Send invitation again please

Ok, Doing it now :slight_smile:

Have invited you and no error messages about you being in a Guild, but you are not showing in the group. What do you see at your end?

I’m in now, I was at work and had to check my mail to accept joining to gulid, I did and am a member now, thanks

Welcome aboard Cell. Recruiting is now closed for today.

Sadly, I have had to let go a member who has not informed us why he has not played for 10 days. We now have one place available.

If you would like to join, please post your invite code :slight_smile:

Position filled by PM. Thanks everyone. :slight_smile:

Doing some spring clearing today. We have some vacancies. Carnivores Welcome :{ :smiling_imp:

Please be over Level 100

Dead Rabbits are doing great making us eat their exhaust :fearful:

Sorry Aes Sedai we gotcha this week! :flushed:

A special mention has to be made about our newest recruit Lucienx5. You are a monster carnivore. Superb effort this week. Awesome. The Guild rewards have also been fantastic. I picked up 3.5K Glory and lotsa Gems. Thanks everyone in Team Darkfall. Nom Nom Nom


Guild got me a key that opened Celestsia, just saying, good luck round here

Hi, do you still have spots available? I’m level 104 but I’m pretty new to the game. Only started maybe 3-4weeks ago. Thanks!

Welcome @MoLdyOreo :slight_smile:

What is your invite code?

It’s MoLdyOreo. Thanks!!

Invite sent. :slight_smile:

You’re in! Welcome to an awesome group :sunglasses:

Under-New-Management clear-out of non-contributors. Three new members welcomed. Darn, just realized, that’s a lot of hyphens!

Dead Rabbits here we come :flushed:

Carnivores Rule (nom nom nom)

Got 132 keys these past 2 days 80 gems too in dark fall, maybe you can get a little more profit somewhere else, but not with a group as lax as us:
Just 100x your level in Gold so level 300 donates 30,000 which you can clear out purely from powering back to rank one on Mondays, give lots more if you can and a promotion will be in your future, you get what you put into it as a whole and we put in a lot :wink:

Starting today one player is going for a marathon run in PvP. Another in his busy week so lots of trophies coming there. Rewards have dramatically increased over the past two weeks. So there is a knock-on effect of self-motivated effort. A great team. We are NOT aiming to be the number one Guild where players may be in danger of burn-out or required to produce super-human performances. :slight_smile:

Finally, we have zoomed past the Dead Rabbits (with our 29 active players), and with a lot of spare gas in the tank for a change. Let’s see if we can get 1K ahead then I think we are secure. Of course that would depend on our new recruit whoever that may be!

Western are on our radar now. As the Pet Shop Boys say ‘Go West’. Nom Nom Nom

Rol up, Roll up, Darkfall Carnivores are recruiting. One space available due to a player not playing or responding for 9 days.