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Darkfall is recruiting: Rank #23

Hello, I’m currently in a guild but I’m interested in joining Darkfall. I’m level 91, but could contribute as a level 100. I know I’m under 100 requirement but there’s no telling when spots open up in guilds so I thought I’d try anyways. Just let me know if I’m eligable and I’ll leave current guild.


Like your name! You sound like a carnivore. Please send your invite code. Thanks.

Definitely a carnivore! :lion_face: Who wants to hit like a vegan? LoL

Recruiting is done. Thanks everyone.

Darkfall is recruiting again. Looking for active carnivores. If you would like to join please post your invite code. Thanks.

I’m level 164 and very interested

Invite sent @TheYachtingClam :slight_smile:

You’r in now. Great. One more place available for another carnivore. If you have big teeth and hairy hands then knock on my door! Give your invite code. Thanks :slight_smile:

I’d be interested, only level 52, but willing to donate the 10k as level 100, invite code Talshire

Invited Talshire. I joined the group at level 48 so do have a soft spot for baby carnivores Nom Nom :slight_smile:

No need to donate 10K Gold. You will need gold for your kingdoms. Just do the minimum ok. We don’t need to penny pinch in our guild :flushed:

Recruiting is closed. Thanks for the speedy response. Wow. :slight_smile:


My actual guild is dead and I’m searching for a new one.
I’m lvl 424, contributed 5229 trophies and 2,378,461 gold.
If you’re interested tell me here so I’ll leave the guild and give you my invite code.

Have a nice rabbit meal !

Picotin. Yes, you would be very welcome in our group.
You have been stuck in a bad situation for a long time. The pain is over! Send your invite code and join the carnivores. :slight_smile:

I’ll eat my fill…
A dream’s coming true

So my invite code is… drumbeats… PICOTIN

Siyalatas =P

Invite sent @Picotin. Just waiting for you to confirm. :slight_smile:

Hey I logged in and I am no longer in the guild. What happened? It was fine yesterday.

Server change for me in 5 minutes. Will take longer for me to explain the situation. See you when the dust settles Bzzzt. :slight_smile:

Alrighty, see you when it goes down, here or on the guildsite. I watch both even though the site is pretty quiet.

Franek_2 or Franek 2. Im lvl +150

Sorry Franek, We are full. Would love to take you in. Good luck in your quest. :slight_smile: