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DeathFall Guild (Rank 20) Recruiting

We have two open spots for players who wish to join. We’re ranked 20, ambitious but not overly so. Our minimum requirements are 50K Gold and 50 trophies a week. Anyone who doesn’t log in for 10 days without letting the guild know will be kicked out. Anyone interested send me your name so that I’ll send you an invite.

I would like to join, invite code XAVIER_27

Cheers, invite sent.

I would like to join, but I’m in a guild currently. Just PM me or respond here so that I may leave.
I am Lvl 225, almost all kingdoms at lvl 10, will donate heavily. :slight_smile:
Hope to hear from you. Cheers

That’s great! I’m at work at the moment. Once I get back home, I’ll
send you another message so that you can leave your guild, and I can
invite you.

Thanks for the reply, mate. :slight_smile:
I promise I’ll do my best to help the guild advance.

Good to hear mate. Its a fun guild with some good players. Good mana
bonuses, and a lot of keys and gems weekly from guild contributions. I’ve
improved a lot since joining the guild. Anyways I’m at home now, so leave
your guild, send me your name so I send the invite. See ya soon.

Left my guild just now.
Invite code NARUTO_20
See you soon! :grinning:

Wicked! Invite sent.

Both slots filled thanks Xavier and Naruto, will post here if and when we have new openings.