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What is love? Baby don't hurt me, come join... DeathFall!

DeathFall guild is looking for new members!
Rank 20. at the moment, minimum donations are 50 trophies and 50 000 gold weekly. Lvl 100 and above players apply only. We currently have only one spot open, but do apply and if any new spots open it will be first come, first served.
What we expect of new players beside donations is that they read the guild chat from time to time, donate only to Key, Gem and Token tasks, be active players. Join us!

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This sounds good to me. ALmost level 500 and I have no issues blowing away the trophy and money donations.

invite code is “CLARK 27”

thanks for the consideration even if you don’t invite.

Invite is on the way, mate. Hope to see you in our guild soon! :wink:

Stop by the guild chat and meet the others, we are a rather nice bunch.

Sorry for a bit of a wait on the invite, its apparently “CLARK _27”.

Invite sent!

Everyone else, we are currently full, but be free to post here, if a free spot appears, we’ll be sure to take you in. Cheers!