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Daily Task progression popup

Every time you complete a daily task, you get a little popup telling you a task is complete and the reward that goes with it.
I would add that every time you complete a match, you get a similar popup telling you which daily tasks whose progression has been affected, something like: “1/10 : Win a match using 3 Broken Spire troops.”
That way you wouldn’t waste 5 games playing with only 2 Broken Spire troops before you realise you’re not making any progress in your daily task.
Not that this has ever happened to me. :lying_face::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


This is why, after doing my first Daily Task explore battle, I’ll leave and go to the Tasks tab just to check that I’ve got +1 on the counter…

I would be worried about lots of daily task popup spam D:

As always, bump for more opinions.

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This would be fine if limited to the same area where rewards pop up for daily tasks - quickly, and at upper right corner of the screen, as an uninterrupting overlay. Zero interruption to flow, just a small indicator that progress is being made.


So do I. Usually. Or I’ll think of doing it after 5 games only to realise I got zero progress. Or I’ll miss the popup that says I completed the daily task and continue using a weaker team designed for the daily task rather than using my usual “A-team” that always kicks _ss.

That’s what I meant: the same kind of popup that you see when you complete a daily task.

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