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To do / daily outstanding list screen request

It’d be great if we could get a pop up screen that summarised in one place:

  • any Dungeons dailyx3 still to do today
  • same for daily GW match x5
  • how many Raid sigils outstanding to spend
  • same for Invasion
  • same for Hero Class and the new Delve / Faction events
  • and Bounties
  • any pet event live, how many battles and how long it has left
  • any Delves currently open / in progress
  • how many Delves remain to do today
  • summary also of the daily mini tasks (left side of map screen stuff)
  • other stuff I’d want to know was outstanding and had a short time frame to do, and have forgotten to list here

This should be optional / unobtrusive, so it doesn’t nag people who don’t want to see it, but accessible with one tap from the map screen. Button near the hero perhaps.

Ideally this would also have links to jump to the corresponding screens.



Sounds like somebody forgot to do their Dungeons yesterday!

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Oddly, no. I’m infallible, of course. This request is pure altruism.

Heh, and I asked about free notes (like a notepad) in the game - and people said it was not needed, no, please, try some other application.

I would accept a pop up screen if it’s animated like these children books… :smiley:

Now seriously: Only if this is optional/something we can easily disable in the option.

Yes that’s what I said. Many would find it useful. Many others might hate it. So it’s optional and can be popped up on demand. Or ignored and never seen if you prefer.

I would love to have this but not as a pop-up screen. I’d prefer it as as a “task” tab off to the side that I can open when needed.

Yes to this existing but please not as a popup.

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I see this as being a useful, yet anti-fun feature. It’s a bummer to miss out on time limited things, but with so much content right now the list would constantly be daunting. Seeing a list like that might make me just close the game on days where I don’t have much time.

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@Elarcadia @Slypenslyde pop-up was perhaps misleading. I meant side tab or optional screen you had to tap to bring up.

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