Daily task arena bug/exploit

Android v7.0

I didn’t the bug expect to occur so i haven’t made a screenshot of the moment the daily task completion pop-up showed.

I had the daily task "win 8 battles with 3 unique Khaziel troups. I finished 7/8 battles with a team that consists of 4 unique Khaziel troops (Dwarven gate, Lord Ironbeard, Lady Ironbeard and King Highforge). After that I went into the arena mode with the Khaziel team as my “active” team and drafted a team that has no Khaziel troops. After 1 win in the arena i got the daily task completion pop-up and got the reward for that task (2000 gold). This shouldn’t happen since since my team didn’t meet the requirements for completing that task.

I haven’t been able to reproduce this bug since i’m out of daily tasks for today but i will try make this bug happen when i have new tasks.

Step needed to take to recreate this bug:
1: build/select a team that meets the requirements to complete a daily task.
2: make this team your “active” team ( you probably need to do 1 battle with this team so it becomes the team thats automatically selected for a new battle)
3: Start/continue an arena run.
4: After each win in the arena you get a +1 to the completion counter for the daily task even if your arena team doesn’t the requirements to comlete the daily task.

This bug doesn’t have a negative results for the game however i’m certain that the daily tasks aren’t supposed to work like that.

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It’s more of a “Bug” as you still need to do work and finish the battles.

An “exploit” would be if you could farm the Task endlessly all day long.:grin:…….like the old days.

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I saw someone else report that a similar thing was happening in pet rescue battles. If they were working on a daily task and then started a pet rescue, the pet battles continued to count toward the task even when the pet team didn’t fit the task. The daily tasks seem to be counting the “last active team” when the game is using one of the hidden team slots (arena or pet battles). Not sure if it would do the same with raids, invasions or bounties.