Daily task assignments

Can we please get more suitable tasks for players in the daily task selection (i.e. tasks better tailored to the specific player)? I’m an endgame player and the most common tasks that I get are the “Win 8 battles with 3 troops from Zhul’kari” and “Win 8 battles with 3 troops from Khetar” tasks that give me 4 treasure maps and 300 souls, respectively. What use are these tasks for endgame players (I’ve already got 7000 maps and 1.5 million souls (and I’ve already crafted dawnbringer) ? I get at least one of these tasks 5 times a week… :frowning:

And sure, I can select the “get a new task” option, but that just guarantees that I will get the task again the next day…


I agree that I think there should be some kind of scaling based on players’ levels, both for difficulty and rewards.

Or give another “decline this task” for every 100 or so levels achieved. That way endgamers who hate maps and souls wouldn’t end up stuck with them, and endgamers who still like such rewards wouldn’t be denied them simply because they’re in the endgame.