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Daily deals selling ingots for weapon colleting task?

My Blackhawk is at power 11. I have three weapons from this kingdom and I need a forth to upgrade it to power 12. What keeps confusing me is that the daily deals keep selling ingots saying that it helps Blackhawk towards power 12. It must be a bug, isn’t it? The task is to collect 4 Blackhawk weapons, not to fully upgrade weapons. The daily deal helps nothing at all!

Surely, you can sell ingots (and I am not going buy any, the most redundant resource for end gamers), but it should not be put under the section of helping upgrade to power 12 or others that require collecting weapon rather than upgrading weapon. Even selling crafting materials makes more sense for these tasks.


A major improvement would be to remove that offer completely so the other ones would appear more often.

It makes that game look bad (understandly since the devs don’t play the game) when you need a new weapon and the game tries to remedy this by selling you ingots.

A major improvement would be to not randomly offer imperial deeds so some people have had 6+ already and others are sitting at zero. The whole daily offer systems needs to be seriously refined.