Daily offer dead loop

Maugrim Woods has reached power 27 today, it needs 14 fully upgraded weapons to go up to power 28. But due to the IAP rule of Nintendo, no one on Switch is able to have “Crimson Insignia”. So, the power level page will be 13/14. The ridiculous mechnism of daily offer will consistently give you ingots in the middle if you don’t have enough fully upgraded weapon. As a result, all the players on Switch will have 2 daily offer slots rather than 3 and we can’t play arena 3 times everyday to gamble for deeds/writs because the high possibility of ingots.
I don’t blame for the IAP part, but can we put those 33 unobtainable weapons into the flash offer? Is it that hard to do it? I’ve writen to you several times in the past year.
And most important thing, why middle slot of daily offer gives ingots when we have insufficient weapons? This is ridiculous.

This was announce to be fixed half a year ago:

Unfortunately these changes were never released, due to “bugs”. The community has been trying to get an update ever since, without success.

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Yeah, unfortunately this is NOT actually new, nor unique to Switch – Daily Offers are only generally tailored to a Kingdom’s next Power level, and do NOT reflect what’s actually needed for your collection.

Another obvious example is offering Troops that you already have ascended to Mythic / leveled to 20.

What is unique on switch it’s those 33 damn glory weapons that exist in unowned weapons but that you can’t have in any ways :rofl:

You can’t buy them for real money, either? That’s what I would need to do on Android if I wanted to own every weapon in the game.

no, we cannot buy them, we just don’t have such item on Switch. None of us can

That sucks. Though most of the weapons aren’t worth getting you should have them in the weekly event shop like we do so you could buy the few that are good.

At least none of those weapons are really essential but still…

I’m sitting on four kingdoms with an active “upgrade XX weapons” task blocking progression at the moment. Mind you, three of them have other blocks as well, but the non-availability of those old, old weapons that nobody likely would ever use in the first place is now an affirmative block and needs to be addressed.

Although I’d still like the scarcity of Books of Deeds to be remedied first.