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Useless Daily Deal for Kingdom Progression

Platform, device version and operating system:
Steam. Windows 10.
App version 5.7.0r30182

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
As of version 5.7, I thought I would no longer see daily offers for ingots (of which I have plenty) when a kingdom required weapons. My thought was based on the recent release notes:

  • We have added extra Daily Deals for Common, Rare, and Ultra-Rare Medals for people who have been finding the “Kingdom Track” of Daily Deals was not providing what they needed.

An “Ingot Bounty” offer is not useful.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Once since 5.7 update.

Steps to make it happen again
Upgrade a kingdom power level so that one of the outstanding tasks is to upgrade additional weapons, where that kingdom needs more weapons.


Hmm, you seem to have a tactical reason, why EoE is not +10 :thinking:
I am surprised you got at least offered the right ingo type for that! :innocent:
Yes - so if you own more, than you need from +9 to +10 that offer doesnt make sense.

This is one of the many low hanging fruits (a Case-Line in the code) the devs doesnt want to take and makes players needless angry.
I hope at least the event key for a to low kingdom level or useless (allready myth) troop offers are gone with 5.7…

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i think you need to read more carefully:

added extra Daily Deals for Common, Rare, and Ultra-Rare Medals


An “Ingot Bounty” offer is not useful.

Nobody mentioned above the removal of old offers. They just informed about introducing new ones…
Nowhere in update post, it’s stated that all offers players see as useless were removed or replaced…

You’re wasting time with such topics… :japanese_ogre: go do something impactful or creative instead :stuck_out_tongue:


How rude.
No need for that just because I have a different interpretation.
And, is mine the first “bug report” for this feature?


The Bug Report is good to have to make Devs aware many players don’t consider the full extent of the Daily Offers Issues “fixed” (or even addressed).

Squeaky wheels get grease — so it’s important to squeak!


More annyoing is, that you will get that kind of offer, if your only weapon for upgrading is a doomed weapon, and you get nearly every second day epic, legendary or mythic ingots.
Most of the time I got only epic. I don’t know how to upgrade the doomed weapon with epic ingots. :smiley:
Another time I was missing a weapon and got that offer, too. Nice, shall I forge a weapon with ingots? :thinking:

I learned one lesson from these situation. I never upgrade a kingdom anymore if I don’t have the necessary weapons. Luckily Ghulvania will get a new weapon on Halloween and Stormheim is available in the next weeks.

But I am agree to the case, that the algorithm should be better to detect the situation.


Linking this thread from mine as this is a separate issue from mine that I’d like to discuss separately.

While this was one of the batch originally marked at [not a bug] when the inappropriate offers discussion started so very long ago, this is one of the more egregious “Purgatory” offers in the system for the two that were (allegedly) addressed and fixed.

For reference, prior to patch 5.7, there are three offers I would have described as “purgatory offers”, because they would continually over and over and over generate an offer for slot 2 on the kingdom track but would always offer resources unhelpful to complete the task they are being generated from, thus locking slot 2 in “offer purgatory”, because you can’t make the offer go away even if you spend on it every day. These were:

  1. Needing to elite level troops offering additional copies of troops (allegedly fixed in 5.7) and not levels
  2. Needing to level a kingdom past a point that requires deeds offering gold and event keys (allegedly fixed in 5.7) and not deeds or writs
  3. Needing to max upgrade weapons but offering ingots that can’t help upgrade that weapon (usually normal ingots when you need forge scrolls) OR the user in question completely missing the weapon but still being offered just ingots (both completely ignored in 5.7)

This is a persistent game issue that remains unaddressed. It is still unclear how (1) and (2) were addressed as there has been at least one report of the erroneous troop offer slipping through even post patch, so time will tell if even those were fixed.

Of the three, I would consider (3) to be the worst one, because the player has zero agency in progressing it. You have to either wait until the kingdom comes back around to craft your missing weapon (if you are missing one) or Tower of Doom (y color) to come back around if you are missing forge scrolls. Flash offers don’t even the needs of these, so I can’t even claim it being a cash grab - you can only wait. Deeds have very little player agency but even general pool offers had those prepatch and medals have a lot of agency to remove these from your offers pool, and you could get some offers from the arena (but half of them would be your “purgatory offer” which was very frustrating) but being blocked by Weapons and getting ingot offers have zero player agency, making it the worst of the “purgatory” offers.

So as far as I’m concerned, this remains one of the biggest failures of the system.

Offers need to generate materials appropriate to be used on the tasks in question. If they won’t for whatever reason (because you don’t want this to be an offer, etc), then this should not be generating an offer. For example, if the only weapon you have left to upgrade is a doomed weapon, either there needs to be doomed scrolls offers in response to this or this should not generate an offer. If the only weapon left to upgrade is a missing one, it needs to offer the weapon, or this should not generate this offer anymore. If you can’t or won’t offer weapons and forge scrolls, then being blocked by missing a weapon or forge scrolls should not generate a kingdom track offer so at least a different one can be selected. If you can’t or won’t make the system sophisticated enough to pick from a weapon that is not fully upgraded, that same way it already does for selecting troops to offer for the “level x troops to y level” tasks, then ingot offers should not generate - period. They are doing far more harm than good at this point. I’d go as far to say that ingot offers are unhelpful in general because of the price tags and quantities on the mythic/legendary offers compared to their ready availability in delves being by far out of line with every other kingdom track offer.