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Inappropriate Daily Deals (new ones, after patch 5.7)

Thinking a bit outside the box, do kingdom offers that “Help <kingdom> towards power level <level>” even still get generated? Maybe the rework was actually to make all daily offers random, so players will no longer complain about inappropriate ones that claim to “help”?

Yes, the above screenshot snippet I got for Leonis Empire (offering Lion Prince, which is at rare rarity with 424 copies, but this is exactly in line with how the system is known to work) from my alt is post-patch as well.

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Given the report, I was fully prepared to get a medal offer in Slot 2.

I got an Imperial Deed.

I wonder what the respective, rebalanced weights are?

I know this could purely be coincidental good luck on my part, but I’m hoping it’s not. Time will tell, I guess.

For reference I have max stars everywhere but Bright Forest (don’t yet have the fountain).

And as one last “fun fact” : Verse 4 is being offered in the VIP 6 slot I can’t buy from XD

At least you got some good/new offers. I have the same bs as before, including yet another epic ingot offer (I surely need them as I only have over 5k of them) for power level 24 Ghulvania in slot 2, which is not possible at this time for troops and I’m short one weapon. How about offering me a weapon???

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They either don’t understand what we’re asking for or they don’t know how to fix the issues… Or they don’t care.

I’m playing Gems of Waiting for the weapons I need to get rid of the ingot offers while the game doesn’t “understand” why I’m not buying those “great” offers.

We’ll, makes it easier to save gems for tower of doom, new factions etc :man_shrugging:t2:


I haven’t updated my version yet, but also getting a medal in the middle. I am quite ahead to medal the troops too. The middle offer is for power level, but if NA it can be a personal offer. @Mithran

This. Mithran, I think you got an “any” offer in the middle slot instead of a kingdom power helper offer there. I’ve had this plenty of times, even got an almost identical screenshot from April:

Most of the time there are no offers the game could offer me (even wrongly), so I end up with medal in middle slot quite often.

Except nearly every kingdom of mine has an applicable offer, and if there are any applicable kingdom track offers for any kingdoms the game considered “valid” in the pool it will continually supersede the general pool offers. Or at least that is how it worked pre-patch, and there is nothing about this part of the offers system changing in patch notes. There is a whole thread of people getting worthless offers every day because one of the errant offers that didn’t have a specialized offer but was still generating one for the kingdom track (like level a kingdom to x > 10 or raise x troops to elite level y generating an event key offer and troop offers for already fully ascended troops, respectively), and if even a single one of these offers was valid, they wouldn’t generate “general” offers for that slot.

If it doesn’t work this way anymore (and it now locks a kingdom before detecting if there are any valid offers, thus extremely culling your kingdom track offers for people approaching endgame) this would be at the very least an undocumented change in the fundamental way the system works. And if this change was enacted, I would expect more people to already be complaining, because there are a bunch of people on these forums that have 30+ kingdoms with no eligible offers that have a deeds bottleneck on a few kingdoms that would now be continually offered medals/crafting resources or other garbage in the middle slot about 90% of the time despite just needing deeds. Which I guess would be a slight step up from being offered an event key every day, but with the caveat that getting there is now exponentially more difficult.

About half my kingdoms need a pet leveled to 20 as the only remaining offer-eligible task so there are a ton of offers to pull from there, most the rest are parked at a power level that cannot generate any further valid offers, and a few have a “level x troops to 20” with a valid troop left, but this is the first time ever I’ve been offered a “general” pool offer in my middle daily slot - ever - and it just happened to be on patch day. Looking at offers a day later (today), my middle slot was for a troop I missed during last campaign for a kingdom track on a kingdom I haven’t raised the power of in months (years, probably) so there was always a valid kingdom track offer in the pool.

Edit: I actually found one other reported instance of this happening in the one of the threads comlaining about errant/repeated offers, a year ago:

The people that were getting troop offers because they had an uncompleted medals task were getting them every day, despite there being 33 other kingdoms with no valid offers at the time, they never got a “general” offer. The person in the post linked reports getting a medals offer when they have a bunch of pets left to ascend blocking kingdom power in a bunch of different kingdoms.

So this may not be a new bug and it may also be super rare, but I still shouldn’t have gotten that offer in that slot based on all known rules of how the system operates. My new speculation could be that this is an error in the way the code recursively checks for if any valid offers are remaining, similar to how there were very rare reports of being offered only two adventure board tasks for the day when the system was first introduced. Hell of a coincidence for this to happen right after the patch, though, so I’ll try to keep an eye out for any other non-kingdom track offers that slip in.

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This has not been my experience. I am usually in a position where the game has none, sometimes one eligible offer for me for class xp (endgame problems :joy:) If that were the case, I would have had the same offer in middle spot for a weeks at a time and that has not been the case.

Hmm… this seems to be how others have in the past reported it to be working. Like most of this thread:

This is also the way it is stated to work, per the official news post detailing the release:

Highlighting that “Player Level Offers” (commonly referred to as “general offers” because they don’t seem to change past 1000, possibly even earlier) should only appear instead of a Kingdom Offer if a player doesn’t have any eligible Kingdom Power Tasks.


Maybe my account has been buggy all along :laughing:

So, interesting…

This also appears to be a general pool offer, since none of my green kingdoms need a “level kingdom to x” progression task, and it also doesn’t say which generated it. Whitehelm is the only kingdom I would expect to get a deeds offer from, and that should be yellow deeds.

Thats two for three offers in three days when I’ve never before experienced any “General” offer in slot 2, prior to three days ago, on any of my four accounts, despite many of them having kingdoms “parked” at a certain level (ie., only having uncompleted power tasks that can not generate offers). Granted, I retired 3 of them a couple months ago, but thats still ballpark nearly 2000 slot 2 offers generated in that time.

The only other thing I can think of that might be triggering this is that last week was the first time I raised any kingdom to Power 20 on any account (Whitehelm), which currently has all three power level tasks uncompleted to go to Power 21. It could be one of these tasks breaks the check in such a way that allows General offers to be placed in the slot 2 offer, because its feasible that I just didn’t see them until this week since I upgraded it last week. I’m not sure when I’ll have time to do it, but the next thing I’m going to do is clear the “Complete 7 Tier 6 Challenge battles” to see if this is interfering with the offers. That will leave the “upgrade Whitehelm to level 13” which should generate from the new pool of offers, which might actually be whats happening here (but hopefully only generates deeds of the appropriate color or writs), and then block the remaining Upgrade 30 Whitehelm Troops to 20 offer by ascending troops (I have one remaining eligible, Patience, as it were, fitting).

In the meantime maybe someone can chime in on what a daily deeds/writs offer looks like when it comes from a kingdom in the offers screen? If your deed/writ offers have the special “help x kingdom to power y” text, then that would heavily imply that my offers here are from the general pool. Note that you only ever see this text from the original slot 2 daily deal and not arena generated extras, you can’t tell where those came from as far as I know. Or anyone else getting general pool offers in slot two offers when they have an eligible kingdom power task (or a whole bunch of them like I do)?

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I don’t believe they’ve ever targeted the color of deeds, same as they don’t target the rarity of medals or ingots received — seems to me to just roll the slot amongst all possibilities (class xp, pets, etc…), then deeds_possible; if deeds_possible, then random_deed_color

To me, the ingots being offered instead of weapons is still the most glaring issue.

BUT! My other gripe is: the stated claim that the erroneous offers for copies-of-troops has been fixed is FALSEsort of

Here’s my Mom’s account — I knew she had enough troops in Leonis to satisfy the top two requirements, so I thought the fact she only had 5/10 Silver-Elite troops in the kingdom had to be what was triggering the Sand Cobra offer I found this morning (I check offers first-thing, and am not in the habit of surveying kingdoms unless something seems amiss).

It’s not.

When I went to see her Kingdom Power goals, turns out she didn’t “have enough troops” because I forgot to level her The Emperor after I used an Ascension offer on it — oops! — that part is my fault, mea culpa, my bad.

That said, the game should have known I didn’t need snakes, I “needed” (despite already having nearly 3.5 million) souls. The snakes come with souls, so maybe not a big deal, but the souls the snakes come with aren’t enough to go from level 19 to 20 and it just means the same problem of offers-don’t-match-needs still exists, but in a narrower scope now (maybe, as I can’t test all cases).

So now it seems next to fix:

  1. Make medal offers specific to the rarity of the troop yet to be elite-leveled

  2. Make deeds-offered match the color of the kingdom in need of leveling (as not all deeds are created equal in Kyrstara)

  3. Ingot offers should match the rarity of the weapon that is not yet leveled and should only trigger if the player currently owns a weapon that is yet to be at max level. This won’t help people hellbent against getting things like EoE fully affixed, but :man_shrugging:

**If a player does not own enough weapons, but all the weapons they own are fully leveled, they should be offered a weapon for purchase, not ingots.

Pictures because why not I guess:

Additional EDIT to say:

I’ve gotten either a deed offer or a writ offer in the middle slot the last three days. Could be coincidence, but at least on my account it feels like these drops have increased.


I mean… under the new offers they were supposed to have put in, maybe, maybe not. Treading new ground here. I think we can both agree that the system offering the wrong color deeds is the offer system getting at least close to what it should be, but offering medals for a power task you need deeds to complete is way off base. And also that general offers should not be showing up in slot 2 when about half your kingdoms are power blocked by needing more copies of pets.

It has never worked like this either, so this has me concerned.

All you needed to do to before to remove a troop from the pool of troops offered from the “level x troops to 20” pool is simply fully ascend it high enough there it can be leveled to 20 . I have “parked” multiple kingdom powers like this in the past. Once a troop is max ascended, it will no longer be eligible for this offer. Under no circumstances should a not max leveled but fully ascended troop that isn’t even offer-eligible trigger an offer for a different max ascended.

The only time this has ever happened even pre-patch is the errant elite leveling tasks which would offer more copies of troops that hadn’t been elite leveled that far. So yes, we can add this to the list of errors, even if it only happens if you need both “level x troops to 20” and “elite level x troops to y” in the same kingdom to trigger it appearing (and at this point, I’m not convinced you do).

If the Sand Cobra is also elite leveled and shouldn’t be in either offer pool, something really got messed up here.

While I tend to agree, I’m afraid of this thread getting marked “not a bug” if we continue this broader discussion. They never claimed to have “fixed” the ingot offers so while this constitutes an incomplete fix to what they set out to do with the patch, the issues I am attempting to document here are the fixes they said they have implemented not doing what they are supposed to do. I think there was another thread on Weapon/Ingot offers and discussion about that should be continued there, because the same symptoms that spurred them to (allegedly) put in Deeds and Medal offers for the kingdom track remain for weapon, and this is possibly the worst one to get “stuck” on anyways because you have zero agency in making a weapon or additional forge scrolls show up, so the core issue was never addressed. But again, I don’t want whatever rep skimming this thread or anyone else to get hyper focused on the discussion of ingot offers (even though this is probably the broader “issue” remaining).
We can continue further discussion on that here:

So, back to the original issue, what I’m trying to get addressed here is the offers system breaking in new ways that weren’t present pre patch, or at the very least, were rare enough to not be impactful.

As for the issue I am describing, one of the following things is happening here, which is why I am describing the offers being broken in a new way post patch:

  1. The new kingdom track offers stated to be put in for this patch are partially or completely broken.
    For example, it could be seeing one of the new offer conditions, and generating one of the existing “general” offers (from any medal, or any deed) in the kingdom track slot. ie., I have a “level whitehelm to 13” task, the offers system latches onto that, and the task generated is (a random generic offer of deeds or medals) rather than the new offers for kingdom track promised by the patch notes.
  2. I am suddenly receiving “generic” offers in slot 2 despite having plenty of eligible offers in multiple kingdoms. Having received nearly 2000 offers across multiple accounts, this has not once happened to me prior to October 6, 2021, only after patching (edit: clarified date). If this is what is happening, this is at bare minimum a fundamental change in the offers system that has potential to make it significantly worse for the majority of players.

Maybe even a third thing. I can’t tell which. I just know I’m not getting what the offers system says it is supposed to do, and in a different way than anything before a few days ago.

Its looking like this might going to hang for at least the weekend before a dev responds. I hope this doesn’t require a data collection effort to “prove” it is happening.

So, relevant question here:

Was the offered labeled with “help x kingdom towars power level y?” Knowing this would at least let me know which thing is more likely to be broken here. If they aren’t labeled but you do have an uncompleted kingdom power task, it is likely they are just spitting out any deed in response to this task… which isn’t ideal, and if you start getting medals that aren’t labeled too but aren’t blocked by elite levels then it could be broken in the way I described in (1). If they are labeled, then my issue is a separate and unique issue where you can be flagged for having no eligible kingdom track offers because of some weird interaction with how the checks work which is probably going to be a lot harder to trace.

If you get one tomorrow, can you check that too, please?


Sure thing, and sorry for the (perhaps a) derail. If devs don’t tackle the issue because I expanded it into what they would consider many separate issues, that’s my bad.

Anecdotally, I don’t recall any deed or medal offer ever saying it was to help a specific kingdom, but I do know my only un-maxed kingdom (until Monday) is Bright Forest, thanks to Fountain of Stars, so that’s the only label I’d expect to see. So I’ve always assumed deeds and medals were part of the general pool, rather than have any specific targeting. Specific conditions are triggers, but bullets don’t necessarily match the targets :man_shrugging:


Deeds of Magic in slot 2 today, same conditions as before (no purple kingdoms power tasks blocked by needing kingdom levels).

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Whatever is happening to you, it isn’t universal—my slot 2 offers were for kingdom-blocking pets in the past two days.

Well, as long as you have kingdom blocking pets…

You won’t get offers for pets that are not mythic yet if they are not directly blocking a kingdom - which would be nice.

It works fairly well up until a certain point - but as usual they didn’t keep their veteran players in mind…

Do you have any kingdoms that would be eligible for the new offers from patch 5.7? Ie., kingdoms that are blocked by either needing “x troops to elite level y” or “raising kingdom level to y”? This may be a condition to triggering this.

I should note that only 3 of my 4 days had these “random” offers (1 green deeds, 1 purple deed, one rare medals, 1 for epic troop that I actually needed), having 4/4 “appropriate” offers aren’t enough to say it can’t happen to you with any degree of certainty. It is, however, versus the thousands of offers I’ve rolled since the system started, though, pretty clear something is different in the way that offers are rolled, and not in the way the patch notes stated.

About a dozen of my kingdoms are pet blocked (actually, I checked, 19 are, with most of them being exclusively pet blocked). As they were last week when I was getting pet offers semi-regularly, the others being mostly troops I need on kingdoms where I hadn’t got every troop to mythic yet and hadn’t leveled the remainder because I didn’t want to progress it past power 9 yet. Post patch, I’m 1/4 on getting any offer I could even identify as kingdom track related.

I’m increasingly believing that this may be the issue:

Its only been a week or two since I raised Whitehelm to Power 20, and the “random” offers only started after the patch, so it is harder to be sure if this couldn’t happen before the patch since I don’t have a ton of data while having kingdoms at power 20+. Current front runner theory is that maybe “upgrade whitehelm to 13” might just be pulling one of the existing general offers for deeds or medals due to the changes made in the patch. Second theory is that one of the other two tasks is somehow putting a medals/deeds offer in the middle slot for me.

Since this is something that would have been explicitly changed in the patch, it “makes sense” that this would be the issue, however, this would mean that:

  1. This kindgom power task, instead of having specific specific kingdom track offer associated with it as the patch notes state, simply pulls from existing offers if it is encountered
  2. The way it pulls from these existing offers means you can be offered medals for what otherwise would should been a kingdom power track offer where you only need specific deeds, or deeds of colors you don’t need, or possibly even deeds when you just need medals for elite levels

With this being my prevailing theory, I kind of have to stand my ground now and not raise Whilehelm’s level until I have ample documentation of these offers, because if this is how it is working, the system is more broken, not less. I have probably over a dozen kingdoms where I need pet offers and a handful where a troop ascension would help, continually getting medals and deeds will essentially remove the “kingdom track” for me for the foreseeable future, at least until I can document enough to be reasonably sure what is causing it and pivot into using that as a workaround to ensure the situation doesn’t keep happening.

Edit: So, scratch the “level a kingdom to x” task theory. I dug my alts back out and the most progressed one (which is only at about power 9 on most stuff, power 12 on Whitehlem at the highest) and saw this:

This account has zero kingdom power tasks that require kingdom levels. They aren’t remotely high enough to consider deeds or medals blocking, even if I picked it back up and played 4 times as much as I ever did it would likely be a year or more before this would be feasible. And, again, this has never happened before on any of these accounts, so I’m inclined to believe this is patch related.

Is the answer really just that some kingdom track offers will randomly be medals or deeds offers instead from now on? Or maybe that specific kingdom power track offers will randomly be replaced by a medal or deed offer? This is a pretty fundamental change in how the system works if so. And a bad one, at that.

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“Random color idea” is true.
I need “Verse 3”, my first verse offer is “Verse 1”;

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