Daemonomicon Buff?

I remember a long, long time ago people asking for a buff or rework to the Daemonomicon hero weapon.

Y’see, I’m here to say that, without us realizing it, I think the devs gave it a massive usability buff.

The sheer output of mythics I’m getting in this week’s event using it is just insane! Of seven to ten summons, I’ve gotten War twice, Abynisia twice, and Faamine once. This is absolutely ridiculous! I LOVE IT!

So quick shout out to the devs for putting out all of these Daemon mythics and making Daemonomicon great again! Woohoo!

Edit: Third war this match. Finished the enemy off just now with the Infernal King that Abby summoned. Ten snotstones means I summoned with Daemonomicon nine times, which puts my Mythic summon rate with Daemonomicon that match at just over 50%.