Cursed Leprechaun - Custom Mythic

Thanks GEM for the idea. Thank you guys for your feedbacks.


I wish this would be a real Mythic. It would be great as a Campaign Mythic. I would make it a Fey/Daemon type because it reminded me of the Leprechaun horror movies.

Great idea.

Spell name does not fit with his spell, but that is a minor pick, maybe give some gold too.

Other than that I am getting a little angry inside knowing which Mythics we have gotten the latest months, instead we could get something like this. I just will never understand how it is possible, but maybe we will get a good Mythic before Xmas.

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I agree with you. That Fey, Daemon type is a better fit. Thanks for your feedback.

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Fixed. Changed the title to fit the spell. Thanks for your feedback.

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Changed to Fey/Daemon type. Thanks

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Traits actually already exist in game (Merchant/Swift) and the third is similar to the TPK Unstable Possession.

His mythic trait is even better if I remember correctly, as hes exploding 2 gems.

@WhoDat An easy fix for the Cursed Leprechaun would be to explode 2 gems on every 4-5 purple matches. (Purple because that goes well with a cursed troop name.)

Traits title fixed.