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Mythic Daemon/Witch

Haggretha Daemon/Witch

30 Mana Blue/Green/Black “Cursed Words”

"Deal ( Magic Damage ) to each enemy troop, increased by their current negative effects.Then give each enemy 1-3 random negative effects. ( damage ratio x1 )

The witches magic score at level 20 would be 5.

Trait 1 All ally Witches gain 2 life
Trait 2 Jinx
Trait 3 “Curses” Give a random enemy troop a random negative effect on 4-5 gems matches.

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Black? There’s no black gems in the game but here’s an idea… Use skulls as the black gems?

I meant Brown I play too much Magic the Gathering

How about ‘There isn’t a Witch troop type’?


The spell and trait combo is very nice. Damage and numbers need balancing of course.

As @Shimrra points out there’s no ‘witch’ troop type and we absolutely don’t need one. Mystic troop type is close.

I don’t think a witch troop is big / powerful / evocative enough to be a base Mythic. We already have lots of mythic daemons. This spell would feel nice on say a fallen angel divine type, or maybe a foul elemental of disease energy, or maybe a Titania fey fairy queen…