Current best teams?


What are the current top teams? I’ve had a look but can’t see anything beyond talk of Bone Dragon and Courage being OP.

My current team is:
Dragon Soul
Keeper of Souls/Flesh Golem

The last slot (Keeper of Souls/Flesh Golem) is just there for necromancy. Flesh Golem can fill Dragon Soul which is handy but has the same colours as Dragon Soul.

This isn’t the best team, but it is effective enough and gets souls.

Still interested in anything better. Preferably including a soul generator and necromancy but am keen to see what else is out there generally :smiley:

Orion/Courage x2/Bone Dragon

Thanks - does this require a fully traited courage (i.e. 30 arcane traitstones) or does it work without this?

Orion and Courage need to be full traited.
Orion for true damage and Courage for attack gain.

Ouchy - that’s a lot of traitstones!

Why 2x Courage rather than a Courage and Sheggra?

Sheggra wipes reds, and has the worst legendary trait.

there are three different meta, so depending on your level, you might find one meta type useful vs another. Early game:goblins win games, midgame madness: AOE evicts all, Lategame you already know because late game is where most of the forum is.

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