Creating my first delve-grinding team

Despite the fact i have never done much with delves (my highest is at level 60 i believe) i wondered how difficult it can be to make a decent delve team… other people do it alot right?

So i came up with the following theory-craft and would like you beautiful people to give me some feedback on it… :heart:

HERO (Sentinel) with Earth’s Fury
This is my front tank that keeps the rest of my team as protected as possible with all the barriers and what not. Earth’s Fury is the main weapon for this build for destroying armor as if it were nothing, and giving all allies more attack in the proces. Also, the sentinel/fury combination makes it a good deal since it gives a free 5 magic for using a brown weapon in this tanky class. this combined with different talents that give 15% mana to all allies at start of battle

NOTE: i actually have considered using a bard class, for its major trait in increasing all stats to yellow allies (i’m looking at you king irongut) at the start of every turn and it also has a start at 15% mana trait. The only main problem i have with this is that it leaves my team without a front tank and i believe that the sentiel class filled by apothecary gives the entire team a much needed survivability

The silent hero of the team that doens’t like to be in the spotlight. Completely unlbocked in this position but not sure if this is the right slot for him tho. Sunweaver is the right-hand man of King Irongut, boosted his survivability, his attack (and therefor devour chance) and even giving him mana in the process!

“Hello little dwarf lady,would you be so kind to generate some vbrown mana for the team and keep the clear of nasty status effects?”

“I got your back bro!”

High King Irongut
Obviously the main kicker in any particular delve team. Either deal a decent amount of damage or devour an enemy troop %-based equal to attack stat. The higher the attack, the higher the chance so any attack boost (weter it be from ally troops or devouring enemies) is welcome! This troop speaks pretty much for itself

Different delves have different restrictions… Its easier to provide feedback without guessing what colors you’re allowed to work with.

What you mean by grinding? going ahead with lvls or farming lvl 20?

However i see some problems with that team, first one is that’s “slow” a lot, everyone start at 0 mana and there’s nothing to “move the board” (like tpk, a class that explode on 4+ matches and so).

Fatsogut is blocked on all colors (x2 on blue too).

Tbh dont really see the need of Sunweaver, EF is all you need to get Fatsogut into devour range especially at higher lvls and it block him on yellow.

I would remove him , put Fatso on third slot and use 4* one for something that speed up things (either tpk or some empo).

But yeah, need to know faction for suggestions.

But if for grinding you mean spamming lvl 20 then i wouldnt use Fatsogut at all, there lot better and faster “wipe the floor in 3 secs” teams that will work lot better than killing 1 by 1.

Basically now you don’t have to think about Delve ever again. The pattern “Earth’s Fury, mana generators, HKI” is one of the more effective Delve teams up to the reward tier levels.

Black Manacles, Rowanne, Leprechaun x2 would have to be one of the fastest lv20 delve teams I can think of if you still have a green one at lv20.

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Mountain crusher titan class, apothecary, irongut and any support troop in 4th will get you through level 500. Depending on your skill and the level you are in game you will be just doing the minimum number of rooms to complete each level. There is no point in trying to do every room when a simple double skull cascade for ai can ruin your team at the higher levels. Make sure you are avoiding non devourable troop rooms at all costs unless your support troop can stun, curse, etc.

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