Looking for Non-Faction Delve Team Recommendations

I’ve been slowly making my through the factions getting them all up to level 500, so that all that needs to be done is beat it with the the faction team (after raising the horde up to around 200+ and most likely non-potion as well, as I don’t have the gems saved up or the time to do 20-500 run on a Tuesday). And teams I was using on other delves aren’t working as well on these last few.

So can someone please give some non-faction team recommendations for the following delves?

Hell Gate
Frostfire Keep
The Warrens
Stonesong Eyrie
Sunken Fleet

I am still missing 59 troops overall, 50 of which are Mythics. So while the team may not help me now, it might help me in the future.

Any blue, purple, or yellow faction can be done pretty reliably and safely with Shabanu Vespera and the guild guardians of respective colors: double finesse has fastest mana, double cunning hits hardest, double treachery if neither other is allowed. The hero weapon is best as a doom weapon, but any mono-color thing will do when buffed enough.

Just loop and loop and loop and watch put for negative status effects like death mark or freeze :+1:

For any faction with Yellow as one of its’ colors, I like going with Stonehammer / Faunessa / Divinia / Trickster’s Shot. That would cover The Warrens and Stonesong Eyrie from your list.

Obvious tank is obvious, Divinia to heal and cleanse and generate mana by exploding, Faunessa because she heals and her spell scales with the enemy, and Trickster’s shot to obliterate armor and deal damage (and because it self-enchants upon casting). Use whatever hero class you need to level up, trying to lean towards something that can complement your team in some fashion.

The strategy I employ with those teams is pretty straightforward: I try and fill the Hero to plink units and follow up with Faunessa, although I’ll cast Faunessa first (and usually on a rear unit) if I need the Life for survivability. I’ll hold Stonehammer’s spell until such time that I need Life on him or if I’m planning to cast Divinia as to give her red gems to explode. And I’ll hold Divinia’s spell until such time as I need the Life for my team or I need to clear critical negative statuses. (Death Mark yes, something silly like Web no.)

You can use Stonehammer to tank the other three delves on your list because he has brown (Hell Gate) and blue (the other two). You can use Divinia in Hell Gate and Sunken Fleet, and her cleanse will probably help with the bookend fights in either faction because of the enemy team’s ability to Death Mark. You can use Faunessa in Frostfire Keep.

I’d probably consider using Yao Guai in Hell Gate and Sunken Fleet in place of Faunessa (who is ineligible in those two), and then consider swapping out Trickster’s Shot for Yasmine’s Pride. You’d still want to cast the Hero before the damage-dealer (Yao Guai in this case) when possible, both to strip away the armor and because it would give your team some Life and boost Yao Guai’s spell.

As for Frostfire Keep? Nothing jumps immediately to mind as a Divinia replacement. I have a guild mate who swears by Champion of Anu for damage that can’t be evaded by Submerge and targetted stun/silence/mana drain, but you’ll probably have a blue/red or a purple/red troop that you like that comes to mind.

I did Frostfire with sentinel class, earths fury weapon / Tuliao / Irongut / Amaru. +2 brown/+1 yellow banner. Just keep enchanting yellow with tuliao, Amaru is targeted curse to enable devours and chip damage otherwise.

I think stonesong I did same except maybe Vash Dagon for the passive curse on brown match.