Help me fix my Irongut team

I feel so stupid. I did the ascend all and now am down to one King Gobtruffle. Never ascend when short on coffee! Can you help me fix my Irongut team? Thanks!

Using Irongut for delves?

Mountain Crusher/Titan
Apothecary or Rock Troll
High King Irongut
Vash’Dagon or Glutmaw (to deal with indigestible or impervious)
Kraken banner with Apothecary, Slayer banner with Rock Troll

See, no Gobtruffle even necessary :grin:


Worth mentioning Harpy Mage too as an alternative. 3 mana for first cast exploder that creates a dust storm on cast. Makes MC’s life quite a bit easier incase Apothecary isn’t available.


Who do you sacrifice to Vash?

if you’re in a very low level delve, you can cast Vash on itself, so no one gets sacrificed.
if you’re in a high level delve, you never cast Vash and solely use it for its 3rd trait (curse on brown gem match)


Thanks for the help it’s appreciated!

I’ve been playing the Vash team and now have a use for him too. Thanks again for the tips!

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Just use:

Ethereal sentry
Moon rabbit/gimlet stormbrew.
Stonesong eyrie banner.

Sentry pushes Irongut to 100+ attack straight away with 1st cast, and/or it buffs hero to skull deal with un-devourable enemies.
Far more efficient and higher attk increase than Earth’s fury on same level runs.