Craft Infernus & QueenTitania or Elemaugrim & QueenTitania?

I want to try all three troops, but I only have 6,000 diamonds.

Which combo is best to have iyo?

I would craft Infernus and then keep the 2 k diamonds for anothe rmythic later, but if you really wanna titty , Infy and Titty.

I dont have Ele but gotta say the only annoying thing when i meet him as enemy is the -att on 4/5 matches, not much for a mythic tbh so i dont really miss him either.

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Pair elemaugrim on attack with infernus, enough said :+1:

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Queen Titania is legendary, which would only cost you 800 diamonds. I’d really advise against crafting her though, legendary troops tend to show up on their own sooner or later.

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I don’t think you need both unless QT is the single troop missing from a team you already have.

Crafting just Infernus means you get a big damage dealer. Crafting QT means you’re 4 weeks further from the next mythic. If you don’t have Ubastet, Megavore, Irongut, etc. they are technically more important than QT on the basis of “by the time you have all 3 it’s likely keys will deliver QT.”

Divine Ishbaala is probably one of the few Legendaries I’d recommend crafting. Only craft QT if you’ve got every other troop on a Yao Guai team.

Elemaugrim is exciting but I rarely see it in GW and even more rarely see it in PvP compared to cheaper options.


Thanks guys.

I decided to craft Infernus & save the leftover diamonds.


I had 5000 diamonds last week. Crafted Yao last week and Infernus this week. Choice between Infernus, Ubastet would have torn me, but Infernus was an obvious choice this week. Elemaugrim can wait.

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You made the right decision. Infernus is the best mythic imo. You’ll get elmaugrim when he comes around again.

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