Who to craft next


So I have a bit of a dilemma…I’m approaching 4K diamonds which means I can craft my next mythic but idk who to craft I have infernus, death, ra, skadi, megavore, and wulgarok. It’s a couple I really want but idk which one to craft next. 2 are in the forge this week scorpius and worldbreaker. Then I want famine and queen aurora. Help a brother out in deciding who should be next :joy:


Save until Ubastet is back in the forge! One of the best Mythics in the game.


There’s lots of good suggestions here:


I’d say Ubastet too. Or Famine.


Ubastet just came down with a bad case of Famine.


With uba being nerfed isn’t scorpius a better option at this point


The nerf made Ubastet merely excellent rather than game-breaking. I’d still recommend him well above Scorpius.


Yasmine. Very powerful troop with the right teams.