🐮 Madcows is recruiting! Come join our friendly veteran players! 40k seals! [30/30]


Invites sent. Welcome! :slight_smile:

We do still have one spot open.



Update: We are currently full.


Update: We have one spot open.


Room for an active lvl 57?


You’ll probably be struggling to survive in our bracket at your level… we
require Guild Wars and you’ll be fighting maxed out top-tier teams every

Once you have your kingdoms fully leveled you’re welcome to join. :slight_smile:

Take care,


room for lvl 240+ player?
-1500 seals
-avg 200 trophies


Sure do. Looks like you are still in a guild though.

Let me know when you’ve left and I’ll shoot you an invite.



Update: We have a spot available!


We are full again. Thanks.


Update: We have one spot open!


Spot is filled. Thanks!


Update: We do have one position available!


Spot is filled!