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🐮 Madcows is recruiting! Come join our friendly veteran players! 40k seals! [30/30]

We are a group of friendly active experienced veterans. Come be a part of something special! We hit 40k seals on a regular basis.

What you get:

  • Troop bonuses and rewards from fully completed guild tasks
  • Top tier guild rewards from raid and invasion events
  • A friendly group of veteran players to chill with


  • 1500 seals/week
  • Guild War/Invasion/Raid participation is mandatory

PM or post your invite code (be sure to be out of a guild first) if interested.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I want in!


Invite sent. :slight_smile:

I’d like to join as well. Started playing a week ago, but eager to join a guide and improve quickly.


Invite sent. Welcome!

Update: One spot open!

Hi, I’m James and would like to join!
Invite code: AHNOBICH

Invite sent… welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

Hi @chiacow

I’m still playing very actively every day and reach good values for contribution every week!

My invitecode is “DEMAIO”, I’m level 305.

I’m currently in a small guild but only ~5-7 members are very active, which is quite frustrating from time to time…

If you like to invite me, do I have to leave my old guild first (did not switch a guild in this manner before… :wink: )

Thank you.

Cheerio Demaio

Hi @Demaio,

Nice to hear from you. I can see how a smaller guild like the one you mention can get frustrating.

Yes, you will have to leave your current guild first. Let me know when you are guild-free and I’ll send over an invite.

Take care,

Hi looking for a good guild i’m old/new player because i play the game on xbox but i switch on the ios!!!
alredy level 51 i play everyday so if you looking for someone i’m your man!!!

SATIVA 5 is my codename

Hey chiacow

I’m sorry but unfortunately I joined another guild meanwhile.

Cheers demaio

Hi chia i’m already in a guild…Thx

Enjoy the game

All good Gorzou. Hope you enjoy your new guild! :slight_smile:

Hey chiacow do u still have an open spot?
I am searching a new guild since in my old there where only like 5 people active.
I am level 53 right now should be online for a bit every day. This week i managed to get 1500 seals til friday. Invite code is ELCRO_JSUV.
If there are any questions feel free to ask.


Hi @Elcro

Sounds like you’d be a good fit in our guild. I sent you an invite.

Looking forward to having you! :slight_smile:


Hello, have you still got a space open? I’m new to the game (level 22), playing casually and just learning the game at the moment.

If there’s a spot for me my invite code is GRIMTOOTH MMJ6

Thanks! :slight_smile:

HI @Grimtooth,

Sure, we have room for you. Your invite code doesn’t seem to be working though. You sure it’s correct and you are playing on Mobile or PC?


That’s weird. I’m playing on mobile. Are mobile and PC separate? I’ve uploaded a screenshot of what I think is my invite code just in case I’m looking at the wrong thing.

I’ve just registered/linked my account too. I don’t know if that’s required for a guild invite.

Ah, after a little research I’ve discovered that there may be an invisible underscore in my code.